Saturday, September 30, 2006

more picpic on the melbourne show...

here's the weather report!

Melbourne Show!

very windy and sunny day!
perfect weather for the melbourne show. wj arrived just in time to attend the annual melbourne show on the very last day which was the carnivale day.

there were many 'heart-dropping' rides, a gigantic ferris wheel, horse riding competitions, animal farms, petting corners..

i pet a sheep and a goat! the sheep maciam fat and thick the wool! definitely a contrast feel from the goat...cant describe it but it was thick and woolly!

then there was a very silly goat who mistook the handle of my bag for a straw of hay! and i had to pull it away from his mouth but he didnt let go! whoa abit frustrated so i smack his snout! (gentle lah not whack the fella...dun want him to kick me !)

the pigs were very lazy. they were aredi sleeping when it was noon time only.

then there was many game stalls with lotsa of kids playing the water shooting game, pick a number to form a blackjack etc etc...

then there was an Arts and Craft section where they showcase the items that won prizes at the fair!...this cake didnt win any prize but it was so cute! it's a Noah's ark! imagine that! the cake with the banana peel on top won 2nd prize...i wonder why. maybe the banana looks good enough to eat?

the list goes on and on
there were many party packs as well with lots of stuff inside. and there was a HUGE tent set up just to let u have free food and wj had quite a 'feast' there with yogurts, cheese dips, cookies, fruits pretzels eh...what else did we stomach? oh ice cream with cadbury chocolate sauce!

i think wj was most entertained by the rides and of cos the monster truck riding across a fleet of 4 cars.

conclusion: sunburnt once again. we never learn our lessons.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Waiting Day

i went to reject shop the day before wj arrives...*smug* wanted to give him a little surprise. Lucky thing was the tealight candles were very cheap! 20 for just $ i was quite heureuse.

went back to the apt and clean and mop and clean and mop...oh and vacuumed too. Next i laid out the afraid le soleil chaud will melt the candles!

anyway, i waited in agony, couldnt do any studio work at all, ended up chatting with my sis on msn. About 1am, i started to light the candles cos i thot it was about time wj reached although he didnt call me from the airport when he touched down so i was abit puzzled and hesitant about lighting the candles at first. But i wanted to surprise him and not the other way around!

as i was lighting the last 5 candles the intercom rang! alamak he is here aredi...faints. haven finished lighting the candles!!!

quik quik!

*scuttling back from the intercom to my candles*

haha managed to light them just before he knocked on my door. well the early wee mornings ended with him passing 2 boxes of mooncakes from mummy... so that we can celebrate mid autumn with mooncakes (haha which is the main thing bien sur!), some old fashioned papier lanterns et le thé vert.

Bonne nuit tout le monde.


Have u had days where u cant sleep, your mind goes racing but it's nothing?

i'm having those days now. But it's a happy sort of way. i tossed and turned last nite or rather hmm... this morning from 3am till 530am in bed! and by the time i naturally woke up on my own without the alarm it was 945am!

and i was bursting with energy! had a quick shower...mind still racing. gosh it's been 2 weeks! haha! and now im counting down to 1am!!! there's so much to do...gotta vacuum, mop, spruce up the place...clean the stove, air the room! oh my oh my!

gosh have to go saveway later to get some 'pampers'. what perfect timing.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


yeah i finally got it! WOOHOO!

went to QV's POST and saveway, both counters told me that all tickets were sold out. So i went to Bourke's st GPO also sold out...*wince*

Brisked walk to Elizabeth's POST. They are left with only one ticket! *faints* I DUN WANT TO GO THE SHOW ALONE!

I'm not to be outdone or give up! persevere velle!

"I will get the tickets!!!" ...finally my last stop was at Carlton's POST and after much waiting, i got what i wanted.


it's days like these when i just want to sleep and forget that there is a tomorrow.

And it's not becos i didnt have enough sleep. it's becos im tired of drawing and cadding and thinking. it's mentally torturing and physically exhausting. i feel so empty. sometimes a panic rushes through me. do i have enough time? do i have to cad this drawing out? is it important or am i just wasting my time cadding?

then there are times when i get overly confused. lost when there is direction. drown when there is no sea. suffocating when there's so much air around me. exhausted when i just woke up. nobody knows, they know but i don't. who knows exactly? beats me.

just the other day, wj was re-acting his lunch conversation with the allemand over his slip disc. the poor guy woke up one morning in pain and not knowing the number to call for help, reached out for his hp and dialed to his colleague, imploring him to come over to his apt and pick him up to a hospital. he laid in bed waiting for 4 hours till his colleague arrived. hospitalised in the end.

'why didnt you call him again?'
Because he was too embarassed to do so. But he was a jolly fellow and didnt mind being teased by wj and the others.

hey does anyone know the number to call for help in melbourne? since now that jubes and googie are no longer here.

i wish tomorrow is samedi.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


LG Electronics has followed up the worldwide success of its award-winning ‘Chocolate’ mobile phone by launching two trendsetting versions – the cool White and attractive Pink ‘Chocolate’.

Having already won two European design awards (iF Design Award and reddot Design Award for its unique styling and user interface), the LG Chocolate Phone raises the bar on how mobile phones look and feel. The cool white and hot pink versions ooze modern style and chic while the unique design promises to be even more desirable.

Once activated, the phone’s signature design feature, its glowing red touch-sensitive icons, bring to life a ‘hidden’ full-colour screen that completes the phone’s unique look and feel of minimalism with a modern twist.

Its onboard features include a 1.3-megapixel camera, 128MB memory, music player and Bluetooth. Battery life is an impressive 200 hours standby with 3hours 20 minutes talk time. The Pink and White ‘Chocolate’ handsets are identical to the original Black Chocolate phone in terms of features.

Friday, September 22, 2006


let velle be your fashion guru this spring! as usual, spring often reminds oneself of bright colours and flowers and all the pretty happy stuff! so out goes all the sombre hues of brown and grey!

IN comes orange, chrome, mitt green and even violet!
Bat wings are still the IN thing from fall's collection and as well as the high waist fashion. This spring sees lotsa loose flowy dresses...think babydolls, frocks etc etc


Never too tight. The epitome of comfort wear yet still has that style of chic and elegance! so go on and put on one today!

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting came just a few days ago! i havent been checking my mailbox a slightly worried wj asked me over the phone last nite whether have i checked my mailbox recently...then i went

" leh."

so i sort of guessed that there was mail for me!!!! yippee yeah yeah!i wanted to hold the phone and go downstairs to open my box but it was a long distance got to wait. ask him what it was, he also dun want to share. hmmph.

so TA-DUH!!!
A snail mail from wj whilst he was in singapore for the week. it's a simple card made from a jack daniels box which we shared eons ago and it's decorated with all the odds and ends stickers from Reject shop which we bought last semester!

the card also came with a pet dog and some bling bling letters!!! The doggie is so cute as it has a pink ribbon for a collar around its neck and the shade is the exact colour of the 'Frosty' i have on my mobile! so here's a picture of it...i've stuck it onto my computer screen the minute i got it!

yep. highlight for this week.

au fait, il descend ce samedi.

Instant Noodles

Whilst eating my instant noodles which has become a chronic habit (count 1 year and 7 months, every other day)...and's what i found! pretty interesting facts of my humble, simple and economic, quick and easy dinnner.

The idea of instant noodles can be traced back to the Chinese Qing Dynasty, when yimian noodles were deep-fried to allow them to be stored for long periods and then prepared quickly. However, modern instant noodles were invented in by, the founder of Nissin, one of the biggest manufacturers of instant noodles today. Their noodles were boiled with flavouring, deep-fried with palm oil to remove moisture, and dried into a noodle cake.

According to a Japanese poll in the year 2000, instant noodles were the most important Japanese invention of the century. Karaoke came second, with the compact disc only coming in fifth!!!

so much for dinner tonite.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

oh dear

major presentations to be held from 15-17 november.
french final written examination is on 16 november.



Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sunday, September 17, 2006

is it a it a's a...


quote "On the night of Friday 8th September strange lights were seen in the sky over Melbourne. Police and emergency services were inundated with calls from startled Melburnians reporting, what they described as, 'Flying Saucers' and 'Cigar shaped Spaceships'!"

and it has been cruising outside my balcony this afternoon...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Le petit de jeuner

cause of my recent active bowel movements.

breakie break broke broken......

taking yet another break from francais. it's a killer i tell u.

i you introduce...?
like they travel...?
the cat(male) of the grandmother of Celine?
house(female) my?
my friend(male) hates to swim in water cold(female)...

70 = 60+10
80 = 4x20s
90 = 4x20+10
and the list goes on and on...
siao. these french people love to make their own lifes miserable. (o_O)
mood:Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Friday, September 15, 2006

such a beautiful day...

...and im in the apt yet once again on a lonely samedi apres-midi. im not complaining becos i have no motiviation whatsoever to move my butt out from my orange chair and get changed and put on sunblock just to make that trip out to get my carrots and meat. nope. i think i will have my usual indomee for dinner.

yep sounds savoury enough for me. that will do. or maybe i can add an egg. maybe i will throw in some ritz chips for supper as well. yes, ozland has pretty much everything and anything. we have ritz, tiny ritz, cheese ritz and mini cheese ritz, ritz chips (like potato chips) that comes in 3 flavours - chicken, sourcream and onion and original. even arnotts biscuits have their own chips. call Jacks. Dun try the original. it suxx big time. i couldnt finish the packet. even wj thinks it's awful too. But their sourcream is acceptable via human standards. Smith chips here are way the best. Very similar to the Lays back home. sheesh, sometimes i wonder are they under the same company since the Hungry Jacks here is under the same corporation as BurgerKing. it's really very confusing living here in saveway and woolworths are blardee the replica of each other except for their names. their logo and brand colours are the same. why do they have different names?

back to variety is the spice of life...let me introduce to you ...broccoflower. (huh?) heard that before? i got a shock when i saw one. think of a mutated cauliflower, coated in the slime green colour. it's a cross between a cauliflower and broccoli. i think u would have guessed as much too. yesterday i saw something even weirder. a purple one. wj said it must be a cross between a cauliflower and a brinjal! gross.
we also have a hybridized version of a broccoli and asparagus. so the broccoli doesnt look very thick or fat anymore but a slimmer version, very similar to an asparagus with florets of a broccoli in place of a spearhead.
[haha...correction, my mistake, broccolini, is a cross between Broccoli and Chinese Kale].

well so much for veggies. for vegetarians out there they should be pretty pleased with a slightly wider variety of choices here. as for carnivores...hopefully your mum wouldn't stuff that awful purple stuff into your mouth.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Spring dresses!

that day i was browsing and this dress caught my eye. it was selling at $34.95. cet apres-midi i had to buy my lait et kailan. so i went back to the same shop to take a look at the new arrivals et this dress was on sale for $19.90! i thot ThisFashion back home will cost roughly the same amount for a dress. So this is a good buy! i wish the Bardot dresses would be just as cheap as this....

Anna Sui

i once did this personality test and the results showed that i had a fashion sense that resembled an Anna Sui. A girl who loves all the frills and lace yet at the same time tormented to being a punk and rock girl. I love black and pink. The vintage and gothic coupled with cutesy and romantic feel. impossible rite? i know.

But somehow, Anna sui always manages to do it quite well with her designs....screaming loud with textures, prints and colours. Vibrant hues of oranges and vermillion and lavender this spring. coupled with intense gold and silver accessories, sprinkled with all the ornamental details and intricate cravings.

Imagine that black fur on the end of ur sleeve dress? weird? and add a deliciously vintaged gold belt to the waist area. Double that quirkiness factor! Or frills all over the collar of a boat neck dress with 'hindi' prints all over ur white washed summer dress. venice vs delhi. omigaud! freaking resemblance to the dolly tablecloth. well. mismatch and so wrong.

i love Anna Sui.

七里香 - 周杰倫

窗外的麻雀 在電線桿上多嘴
(Looking thru the window, a sparrow perches on the line chirping incessantly)
妳說這一句 很有夏天的感覺
(You said it amplifies the feeling of summer)
手中的鉛筆 在紙上來來回回
(The pen in my hand,stroking back and forth)
我用幾行字 形容妳是我的誰
(In a few lines, I descibe how I picture you)

秋刀魚 的滋味 貓跟妳都想了解
那溫暖 的陽光 像剛摘的鮮豔草莓

*雨下整夜 我的愛溢出就像雨水
院子落葉 跟我的思念厚厚一疊
幾句是非 也無法將我的熱情冷卻

雨下整夜 我的愛溢出就像雨水
窗台蝴蝶 像詩裡紛飛的美麗章節
我接著寫 把永遠愛妳寫進詩的結尾

那飽滿 的稻穗 幸福了這個季節
妳突然 對我說 七里香的名字很美

整夜 我的愛溢出就像雨水
窗台蝴蝶 像詩裡紛飛的美麗章節
寫 把永遠愛妳寫進詩的結尾

one of my fave songs all time. maybe one day i will finish translating... but the meaning to each sentence is so much more intensed than the words that i can put down in pen. translating it just loses that intensity, the feelings, the passion, the forlorness, the strong surge of emotions. each time i listen to this song, my heart moves so.
imagine someone telling to you: ' you are the only ONE person in this world that i want to understand.' and his love for you is likened to the downpour ,all raging down, overwhelming torrential flow! the immensity of his love! his love! ...his love for you.


Monday, September 11, 2006

Brunch at Flinders...

issus cafe down flinders' lane.

weekend brekkie serves a whole lot of variety, just the way u like ur eggs done. u name it they will make it!

benedict, florentine, poached, runny, scrambled, sunny... the list just goes on and on... and with that big brekkie comes with bacon, sausages, grilled tomatoes, hash browns and toast served on the side at the price of $9.90. Not a bad deal yah!

well, im not a sausage and bacon fan. so i had a panini instead with rocket salad on the side. the bell peppers were deliciously bathed in balsamic vinegriette and add that sweet tangy crunch to the taste buds. *thumbs up* for taste as well as caloric count. Though i didnt really like my toasted lettuce in the panini. taste abit weird. O_o...well that's me.

i wish i had more weekends like these...

i want i want i want!

Phaidon’s new Wallpaper City Guides, Barcelona.

As you can see in the photo above, it is pocket sized, eminently portable and sports a distinctive Pantone-swatch-like cover. What’s inside looks just as good any issue of Wallpaper magazine, a mag whose graphic design often rivals the design it covers. Besides being smartly designed graphically, the book features side tabs for quick access to content which includes standard guidebook fare, hotels, restaurants, etc, and some interesting not so standard such as “24 Hours”, an itinerary for the best of the city in one day, “Architour”, a guide for the city’s iconic buildings and “Escapes”, a guide for those who want to leave the city for a day. Above all, everything in the book is about style and design, so don’t expect to find budget hotels or cheap eats here. .

According to experts, it's rather geared only to very trendy, upmarket traveler and they forgot “Escapes, El Bulli was rated the world’s best restaurant, booking in not essential; it’s virtually impossible!”

The GUIDE to the best/hip design Barcelona has to offer. Paperback, 120 pages, well illustrated, $8.95 at Amazon.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Friday, September 8, 2006

il pleut

i keep wishing that im somewhere else.
when will my spring come?

eyes mirror the weather
last night
there is nothing u can tell me to make me feel better
all because of u

you are not me.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006


lately i have developed gingivitis around my wisdom tooth area. so literally i cant speak or eat well. my head's a rack. the swelling of the gums has caused dub-dub into my head.

it hurts so much that i cant think as much as i speak. so cant blog. there now. perfect excuse.
yup. back to the hurting bit. gosh maybe breaking up cant be compared to this constant pricking pain! did i mention that the back of my throat, the gums area has swell way beyond the molars, total obscurity. geesh.....

i was quite worried about this recent development (in half a day), that i went to surf online for information about swollen gums. Here's wat i found.

Common Causes of swollen gums.

  1. Infection by a virus or fungus (oh dear...maybe i haven been brushing too regularly...haha lost days and nights over work)
  2. Gingivitis (yes have mentioned it before...i have swollen gums)
  3. Poorly fitting dentures (nope i dun have)
  4. Sensitivity to toothpaste or mouthwash (i dun think that is the cause)
  5. Side effect of a drug such as Dilantin or phenobarbital (def no-no, never even hear of them before)
  6. Malnutrition (really? hmmm ....constant instant noodles will cause gingivitis?)
  7. Scurvy (Vitamin C deficiency) ( hmm...pause again. i think i ate an orange a day back.)
  8. Pregnancy (1st or 2nd trimester) (u must be kidding. im a nun over here!)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

ritey. im gg to brush my pearlies again for the 2nd time today. and i just woke up like 3 hours ago. going to brush the gums down!!!

more photos

dear all, i have runned out of creative juices as to describe my feelings or inner thots or about today's weather. so here...some photos to recaptivate this morning's feelings.

although i did scold a silly goose that yellow roses means 'breaking up'. i think that silly goose was quite shock. hahah...well it wasn't named silly for nothing.


Friday, September 1, 2006


cet après-midi

looking thru the nutrition table on my cereal box. the front cover wrote:
Crisp whole wheat flakes, rolled oats, triticale, plump juicy sultanas, chewy apricot pieces & just a hint of honey. (in fine print under Original on the boxcover)

just wat is a triticale? i wondered. my god, i dun even know what im putting into my mouth. For all those out there who are just as ignorant as me.

a hybrid produced by crossing wheat, Triticum aestivum, and rye, Secale cereale.

The word itself is a
fusion of the Latin words triticum ("wheat") and secale ("rye"). When crossing wheat and rye, wheat is used as the female parent and rye as the male. Because the resulting hybrids are sterile, they have to be treated with the alkaloid colchicine to make them fertile.

To put it simply. it's a MAN MADE wheat.

rite. now we all know. and see the description of my cereal? just a hint of honey... so it's hinting to us that there's some sugar added. so that equates to carbo which translates to fat if it's not being burnt in the body. so im happily eating future fats into my body as im blogging. hey a girl has to eat.

*munch munch*


i dun understand why u pple cant do ur francais homework at home! it's call a Homework for heaven's sake. it just isnt fair that the obedient rest and ME have to wait for u to finish ur Homework in class.

total rubbish. if u cant organise ur time well then dun take francais lessons. and u think i will give u the answers to the questions? well H E L L __ N O especially when it's graded. hey there is this thing called "NO FREE RIDE" and im not ur bouy.

vendredi en septembre

yet another semaine has past.

today while i was walking back from my grocery, i overhead a lady saying, "spring is in the air!"
i think she must be very excited or happy. it's true, the weather has ceased becoming unbearably cold to almost warm. down the streets, the sun shines thru, the aussies mostly clad in tees or camisoles. although there are a few occasions where i spotted a few souls still trotting in their winter boots. sigh... i have seen 2 winters in melbourne aredi. how time flies. i wonder did i ever take a break to see how beautiful melbourne was and is, or did i spend these past 1.5, almost 2 years complaining over the mountainous work and pressure that i put onto myself. typical singaporean. complain and complain. and the weirdest thing, deep inside a sense of pride glow, a smugness growing becos they rather seen as hardworking then to be seen working efficiently and leaving on the dot. somebardy should really change the mind system of typical singaporeans! MON DIEU!

yes, i fall under that 'weird' category. i would rather die then to let my boss see me leave the office on the dot!

the BOSS would think " this girl ah, why did i hire her in the first place? so eager to leave and not OT??"
OR " aiyoh this girl...i haven leave the office, and she is leaving now!"
OR " alamak... the rest are still working / slogging their asses for me! and she has the cheek to leave now!?!?"

my safest bet would be to leave after the boss! right im digressing. back to melbourne and my long list of complaints...maybe i should set up a complaint dept. im sure it has business everyday from urs truly!

a wise friend once correctly put ' just think of it as a long holiday.' gee. now why didnt i put that blardee tot into my grey matter? well i guess it seems EASY to keep reminding oneself that it's a holiday if these scenarios werent exactly happening as im stuck down here...
when the BOYFRIEND is like at the other end of the world, my CANINE who cant rem me is having a swell time in sunny isle together with my family, my best buddies are all having a chilled beer after work ;earning their bucks while im still eating on my instant noodles, my best friend is my 17 inch screen and sidekick shuttle.

see. im so happy.