Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tagged Again

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1. 小時候的理想是什麼?to be a doctor
2. 這輩子最快樂的是什麼事? when i can list them in top10 i shall proudly announce on my blog.
3. 你喜歡的顏色PINK, pink , Pink
4. 你有多久沒有傻笑了?er, i think i always do that leh...
5. 你最想去哪個地方?為什麼?Europe. Becos i havent been there? duh.
6. 最受不了自己哪個缺點?im a natural born whiner.
7. 如果有不開心的事情,你會怎麼辦?keep quiet
8. 四季裡喜歡哪一季?Spring
9. 五年內比較現實的目標是什麼?get married have kids retire...hahah like real
10. 如果你得了絕症你會跟家人講嗎? i think my face will tell.
11. 說出點你名的人的3個優點? Friendly, forthright and makes a good blog to read!
12. 孤獨是什麼?melbourne
13. 喜歡什麼類型的人?quiet and intellectual
14. 覺得自己會幾歲結婚、生孩子?24! but who am i kidding.
15. 3大的恐懼? spiders, insects, putting on weight!
16. 你曾經愛上過同性嗎?of cos lah, i was from an old girl school.
17. 如果能讓你實現一個願望,會是什麼?to have one hundred more wishes that will come true.
18. 喜歡怎樣的二人世界生活?me, ahren and him
19. 如果被喜歡的人拒絕,怎麼辦?er, pretend i didn't like him???
20. 如果能有一種超能力,會選哪樣?like Heros, absorption power!

Gals, you're tagged! (gosh i wanted to tag more, but dun have others! hahaha...)

pengz sis

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Guilin Day 03

A trip on the bamboo raft! approx 100RMB per person. Quite a long journey about 1hours ride up and down the river stream.

Elephant rock park. This place is quite stupid, just that the rock behind me and wj looks similar to an elephant, others say that from another angle, it can look like a rat!

streets of Guilin with lots of pasar malams....did i mention that the street stools im sitting on is shaped like a pig? Next picture is a paper hat cum display item...hmm, nice colours...retro feeling, but useless ornament.
golden and silver pagoda towers.

byebye Guilin and back to reality of a working slave.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Guilin Day 02 - Lunchtime > 银子岩

They say come to Guilin must try only one thing, and that is their 桂花糕. The name Guilin originates from their Osmanthus flower which is called 桂花 GuiHua in chinese. The lin means the 树林 forest and nature's landscaped 园林 area together with the breathtaking mirror reflecting lakes and stoney mountains.

Ritey, so that's a little facts on Guilin. Here are some photos of where we had our lunch, at a local restaurant where they serve traditional village food. As the weather was quite cold, we order rice wine to go along with our food. i personally think the rice wine was an acquired taste as our china chinese colleagues were downing their cups while me and wj couldnt even finish our small chinese teacups (those petite ones where they serve at the prayer alters?) wj thought it was too sour while i thot shall i put it, similar to drinking vinegar?

And not forgetting to mention that our lunch venue was also at a tourist spot called 'Moon Hill' where wj and i took a picture...there is a hole in the hill which resembles the it's called Moon Hill literally. cheesy lah these china people.

After lunch, we went to other tourist destination called 银子岩 (silver cave) Approx $90RMB per pax.

This silver cave is deep and irregular with a great number of stalactites and when lit with lights these stalactites will glitter in silver specks like twinkles in the sky!!! very fairy tale like!!! truly amazing! And besides this remarkable silver sight, there is a small pond that reflects these magnificent majectic stalactites as if one was looking deep down into the caverns!!! I couldnt believe my eyes when i saw the reflection!!! cos it hell didnt look like a reflection, it was as if i was lookin deep down into the bottom of the cave!!!!

i swear. it was so cool.

after dinner, we went for our 印象刘三姐 play which was staged on the Guilin crystal clear waters with the mountains as the backdrop in all its natural glory. Magnificent! it was totally awesome, breath-taking and in all its grandeur. Characteristic of Zhang Yimou, the play brought forth lots of vivid and vibrant colours of scarlet, blue and golden yellow with hundreds of participants all dancing in sync. Armed with our binoculars and buttock pillows (plastic chairs were at the amphitheatre), we were seated in the chilly night, what an unforgettable atmosphere!!! half the time wishing that the play would continue cos the colours and the whole effort was amazing while half of the other time, i cant wait for it to end cos it was so cold!!!!

ritey, after the play, we went to 洋人街 where there were some late night market going on and lots of scattered pubs...we drank quite abit that nite as we downed 2 bottles of chivas regal and 20 bottles of coronas! pretty amazin yah! for about 10 of us! hahaha....*burp*