Monday, September 21, 2009

Wedding - #21 My Solemnisation Dress

Say goodbye to the LBD and hello to the LWD! When it comes to weddings, traditionally white is still the preferred colour. so what do you do when the little black dress is best suited for every occassion and now it's not?

Well, so i got a little inspiration from browsing off the internet. and hmm...when i was young, i used to admire my primary school friends who went for ballet classes and dressed in pink tutus.
I wanted so much to learn ballet when i was young. Anyway, my chance is HERE!!!

And i decided to be creative and made a solemnisation dress that is tailored like a ballerina!

punk tutu-like dress! i was quite inspired by the bustier heart shaped top! Although i fringed at the bottom. Too frilly for me! LURVE the shoes though...i knew there was a lit' Lolita in me.

LURVE this one with its matching sailor like top and pink waistband! So sweet! It would have been perfect if i was getting solemnised in a yacht or by the beach. OR at a sailing club. But i was getting solemnised in a garden theme chapel...

here are some more inspirational shots which i got from the web! So adorable!!!!

my little white dress, almost all done for my solemnisation day.

So here comes...Prima donna velle.


  1. Hi Velle, I came across your blog while searching for my rom dress. I like your flutter dress. May I know where you tailored it & how much it cost?And will you want to sell it?

  2. Hi Jen! I got made at "The Wedding Present". Look for Patrick and tell him that it's Velle. And he will know which frock you are looking for.

    Thanks for liking my ROM dress, but I think I will keep it for sweet memories and currently I have no intentions of selling.

    Congrats and have a fun time planning your wedding!

  3. opps! forgot to mention that I got it as a wedding package so it comes with all dresses custom made ie 1 EG, 1 WG and 1 tea dress with accessories, flowers, groom suit, shoes, etc etc at about $4.5k.

  4. Hi, I was wondering where did you find the striped top dress? I would love to know. Thanks.

  5. Hi LenokaGrace, the striped top dress was a picture for reference which i had gotten online to show my designer that i wanted a tutu sorry, i didn't get the striped top dress.