Friday, October 30, 2009

Wedding - #27 MORE INVITES!!!

1st step: List of guests you want to invite. This will be List A

2nd step: Backup list of guests who you want to invite in case some guests do not turn up from List A. This will be List B

3rd step: Confirmation of relatives, List C and D from both in-laws. Meantime, you might want to facebook, sms, email your friends before sending them the formal invites.

4th step: Get ready addresses for those guest who you need to mail your invites too.

5th step: Gather all friends to hand them their invites personally. This gives you the chance for a gathering as well as saving some snail mail costs!

6th step: Confirm all RSVP again. One week before wedding.

that's wj writing his stack of invites...while i've completed im taking photos!!! heeeheee....breaktime for me.

zoom-up on our invites.
Our 'slip' envelopes (a nifty little pocket for our boarding pass actually) are following Crowne Plaza's famous vanda miss joaquim facade. incase those who are reading this and are wondering what is Vanda Miss Joaquim, she's our national flower.

that's the stack which we originally had, collected from the hotel's print supplier. Phew...loads of writing here.... but it was done with JOY!!!

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