Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wedding - #35 FOOD TASTING

What i really like about Crowne Plaza hotel is that they even show the menu which was going to be presented on the dinner table that day. So you can request for whatever text you want to go onto your menu.

how this works is that you will have a table of 10 for food tasting. And best to book 1.5 months in advance prior to your wedding date. The good side of having a food tasting is that it serves as a general guide as to what your guests will be eating that night while you are slaving away, changing into your dresses, accommodating to your guests' needs, drinking and going up on stage etc... This is a very crucial part of the wedding banquet as I realised that certain items which looks quite tempting in description from the menu(we had 3 options to choose from every dish we had), however taste and presentation may not be what we (the family and ourselves) want for my guests. Also it's good to give comments/feedback at the end of the day so that the hotel/restaurant is able to improve!

1st dish: Imperial treasure combination platter.
Here we made a mistake in ordering the tofu as we didn't quite like the overall taste. And MIL thought that the overall platter was too golden brown. She requested to have the Japanese octopus for an auspicious red colour to the dish. She also wanted us to feedback to the hotel to add like carrot flower pieces on the side for more colour. The best part of the dish was the roasted pork. These got both MIL nodding with pleasure together with their husbands.

2nd dish: Double boiled sea whelk soup with chinese herbs.
Again, another mistake. The soup was thick which we didn't realise when we made the order. So we had to change this dish.

3rd dish: Deep Fried Prawns with Mayonnaise
BEAUTIFUL. WJ and I were impressed with the taste, freshness of the prawns and the overall presenation. However, MIL still feels that it lacks the auspicious colour and even wanted fruit salad on the side. But we just feedback that it could do with some black sesame seeds on the top for some colour. Even crab/fish roe would be good for topping!

4th dish: Steamed Soon Hock with Light Soya Sauce

Again, steamed to perfection. we are happy with this dish too!

5th dish: Braised Sea Cucumber with Broccoli & Mushroom

MIL finds it too black! hahah, so feedback again to incorporate some carrot slices for colour. Sheesh! Overall dish was good!

6th dish: Roasted Crispy Chicken
WOOHOO! good good! no complains here

7th dish: Fried Rice with Diced seafood wrapped in Lotus Leaf
YUMMY!!! This fried rice had loads of seafood from dried scallops, prawns, squid with egg, spring onions. really sumptous and satisfying.

8th dish: Sweetened Cream of Red bean with Glutinous Rice Dumpling.

Auspicious meaning to this dish for happiness and an all-rounded ending. The right colour and the right taste. No change to this dish!

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