Sunday, September 27, 2009

celebrity bling

i saw Christopher lee in the same jewellery shop when i was shopping with my mother.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

$5 voucher from Ikea for filling out a survey and so we bought chips with it!

today wj filled in a survey at ikea. when the part came to : Single or Married.

he paused for a moment and we both giggled to ourselves. and he ticked the box for married.


~the newly weds

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wedding - #21 My Solemnisation Dress

Say goodbye to the LBD and hello to the LWD! When it comes to weddings, traditionally white is still the preferred colour. so what do you do when the little black dress is best suited for every occassion and now it's not?

Well, so i got a little inspiration from browsing off the internet. and hmm...when i was young, i used to admire my primary school friends who went for ballet classes and dressed in pink tutus.
I wanted so much to learn ballet when i was young. Anyway, my chance is HERE!!!

And i decided to be creative and made a solemnisation dress that is tailored like a ballerina!

punk tutu-like dress! i was quite inspired by the bustier heart shaped top! Although i fringed at the bottom. Too frilly for me! LURVE the shoes though...i knew there was a lit' Lolita in me.

LURVE this one with its matching sailor like top and pink waistband! So sweet! It would have been perfect if i was getting solemnised in a yacht or by the beach. OR at a sailing club. But i was getting solemnised in a garden theme chapel...

here are some more inspirational shots which i got from the web! So adorable!!!!

my little white dress, almost all done for my solemnisation day.

So here comes...Prima donna velle.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wedding - #20 At the White Rabbit (1)


At the 'Rabbit Hole'!!! So cute isn't it...LURVE LURVE this little bamboo arch from the White Rabbit. And it was the 'aisle' which i walked down to the solemnisation table.

Psst: quite a good hiding place i might say!!!

a page from our photo album, showing our travels together over the past years...

green tea cupcakes made by my sis!!! aren't they the prettiest??? cos they were made with most sincere and heartfelt love from a sister.

my adorable cabbage bouquet from Justin (Fleurlicious) and my handmade wedding favours for our guests.

lots of wine to make everyone merry....

my pretty sisters waiting at the reception table...standing tall infront of them is...MY BOSS!
Groom is on the mobile...with the bride!
And our ringbearer - Nathan with his mummy on the side.

my laptop beside the 3 tiered cupcakes. Brenda and little kayden. Lovely cuz with Nathan and Mabel.

Our solemniser: Mr Yeo Soon Ann. Our own -crafted designed guest list, the same theme as the invitation cards and the little easel board, down to the tin of dragees for our guests.

me, my dad and the ringbearer.

sis is going to walk down the aisle next....she's holding the cabbage bouquet....

precious moments. never to be forgotten.

and we exchanged our rings. it was a really breathless moment for me. truly.

and we signed our lives off the paper. hahahha.... just joking. I think it was one of my greatest moment. Now i think back, i still can't seem to believe that I'm legally wedded!!!

applause!!!! wonder who and how it all started me, we didn't have a cue card for our guests!!!

my mum hugging me...

me and my friends from primary skul to sec skul to uni!

my bestest friends from melbourne.

and off goes the bouquet!

little morgan refusing his food....

a page divider....

narcissist. but's my wedding!!!! *smirks*

special thanks to : Benny Ang Photography! and dear Patrick from The Wedding Present!

Wedding - #19 At the White Rabbit (2)

After the serious's some fun pics!!!

here's our handmade bulletin board by the groom, made from cork board and some plywood. We also bought some flowers from the $2 shop for bordering around the frame. And lastly to add some personal touch....OUR POLAROIDS! and a little note to thank our guests for coming.

a call of well wishes. me giving a 'V' for Velle!. Mervyn signing off at our guest list.

Colin, our Polaroid boy of the day. His job was to snap all our guests and to get them to pin it to our bulletin board. AND what can a celebration be without CHEERS!!!!

me and my sis. me and my sis. me and my sis 'strangling' me.

my fave gal pals in the office. without them, the day wouldn't have gone smoothly!!!

Little morgan waving!!!! And everyone's looking at MY BLING! *hee hee....*

my little share of the cupcake recipes made by my sis.

PPGs!! My closest friends during Uni. Without them, i think i wouldn't survive in archi at all.

and the day is almost coming to an end....