Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hong Kong Day 04 Part 02

Chan Yi Zai, an 82 year old establishment that sells traditional home made snacks like almond cookies, bird’s nest cake, barley cookies, sour plum etc.

We bought 1 box of each...bird nest and barley cakes...and brought back for WJ's mum to eat...hmm...have you tried dragon's beard before in SG? tastes something like that, lots of strand and not much taste...hmm..not very nice.

Shop D, G/F, 176 Queen’s Road Central (Central)
Open from Monday to Saturday 10am-730pm, Sunday 10am to 630pm

After making the effort to find this famous shop selling bland barley and bird nests' cakes...we are off to try more snacks!!!

"When it comes to Polo Buns, Kam Wah Cafe is the place to be. Many who have tasted them have testified that Kam Wah has the best Polo Buns in Hong Kong, and as a matter of fact, in the entire world (since Polo Buns originated from Hong Kong). We have to admit the Polo Bun is as good as it gets. Crispy, flaky and yet tantalizing. Perfect with a cup of coffee or tea. "

quote from another blogger...which i truly agree!!!

see mum's quirky face really makes me laugh! What joy to travel with family!!!

lots of newspaper and magazine articles all slapped on the mosaic tiled wall.

OH! my beloved Bo Luo Baos with butter! OMG what a terrific combi!

daddy is trying to make a funny face here...but i think WJ's ones are better!!! Sorry dad!!

see...it's so crowded that dad and mum have to jostle their way out of the little shop.
47 Bute Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong

YEP...dinner is roasted meat, something which my parents are asking for again...AIYOH.

as always, the day always ends with more buys!!! heehee....see...wj bought an ipad!! he just couldn't resist it cos the exchange rate here is much better!!!

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