Saturday, November 20, 2010

SUNTEC Electronic and IT sale

we got there really early around 8am plus and there was already a queue. And the opening hours is 11am!!! GOSH...and the people who were ahead of there were sitting down in line, waiting with their newspapers and breakfast. After waiting for about 2 hours plus, wj went down to Toastbox to get me some coffee and toast.

About 1030am, the 'red' guys starting hollering and giving out coupons, asking us one by one of us in the queue, what we want to get. So after you tell him what you want, he will give you his limited coupons which guarantees you a set. - can be 20sets of limited LCD tv, laptops, camera, washers etc.

After we have gotten our coupons, it was time to wait for the big huge doors to open. The red elastic band was between us and the doors. The red guys started to back people away from the red band, and waiting for time to strike 11am. And when it came, the doors all opened at the same time. The moment the red band was released, everyone rushed and shovelled their way in!!!! there was no time to react at all.

it was natural instinct. survival.

The fastest got what they wanted. Unfortunately for us, the coupons did get us what we wanted but for the 'purchase with purchase', while waiting in the queue for the longest time, hubs wanted very much for the 22" LCD tv for only $99 was sold out right before our eyes!!!! So in the end we got ourselves a DVD player.

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