Saturday, January 29, 2011

Europe Day 02- Belgium

Our first stop on the coach was to Massmechelen Village in east Belgium.
It was a mad rush as the sun was setting, the village was going to close in about 1.5hours time...and it was our first time there, so we didn't really know where and what shops they had.
So after we alighted our coach, we brisked walk down the lane and first stop i saw was Laurel!!!
Immediately i went in!! and the Polo tees, t-shirts were only 20Euros!!! So cheap...but i resisted!!!

Next i saw MISS SIXTY, and G-Star Raw...omg this is where we started swiping our credit cards cos they were like 70% off!!!
After buying 2 bags of jeans and tees, we headed to Calvin Klein underwear which was also given quite a good discount! I bought bras for $15 Euros! and 3 panties for 9 Euros! cheap!!! We went in to Villeroy and Boch, Bodum (couldn't find the cup in the colour that i wanted), Ralph Lauren Home (their linen was too expensive for me)...and I didn't even managed to go to Desigual or Hugo Boss! was time to head back to the coach.

Brezel? Think it's Pretzel for us in english!

the sun sets so quickly! and soon it's all dark!

that's me walking in the cold winter night! bbbrrrrr...!

lots of candies on sale...nice to see, but we didn't buy any to try.

We bought some colas to drink that night...and here's our spread on the bed!

that night we slept over at Ramada Hotel and they had small packets of Haribo Gummy Bears on our pillows. How sweet!

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