Monday, January 31, 2011

Europe Day 04- Germany Titisee

Today's Itinerary:
Leaving from hotel Leonardo where we spent a night there.
Road trip through Germany's Black Forest
Reach Titisee
Attend Cuckoo demostration
Lunch: Local Pork Knucles, sausages and German beer
Dessert: Black Forest cake!

More road trip...
On to Schaffhausen
View the mighty Rhine Falls - Europe's largest waterfall

More road trip
On to Lucerne
Visit Chapel Bridge and Old Town

Dinner on your own. Bleah...but luckily, a few of us have made good acquaintances with each other and could gel quite well with each dinner was at Movenpick with them.

Supermarket is at train station which is near our Hotel Astoria.

a travel distance tracking device for the in europe, the coach drivers cannot drive more than 8 hours a day, and they are only allowed 2 days within a week to drive up to 10hours.

road trip photos of Germany.

so sunny!!!

lots of snow here in Titisee...and it's very very cold up, our tour guide telling us what to buy here at this village: Hanuta Biscuits and ice-wine. But...some aunties in the tour group were so kiasu that they bought all the biscuits in the shop until there was nothing left for me to buy!
On the right is a paper cuckoo clock which we were very interested to buy but it was the only piece left in the shop and it was slightly dented. And THEY didn't even offer to give us a lower price! So we left without buying it.

can you see the chalk markings on the door frame? Over here, the food is very difficult to get, or rather it's making the trip down to the supermarkets, thus the owners of the shops leave chalk markings in their own secret code to say how much grocery they want to buy from the vendors, so by leaving these markins on the door, the vendors will know what to bring next time!
That's how they grocery shop here!!!!

us with tons of cuckoo clocks here! German hand made, everyone of them.

see how big our plate of German sausages and pork knuckles???

and our only buy from Titisee....a very original cuckoo clock.

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