Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thai Cooking Session at Dempsey

Tom Yum Soup

  • Boil chicken stock in medium heat, add lemon grass, kalangal, shallot, kaffir lime leave, parsley and mushroon into the soup
  • Add prawn and wait until it turns to red color
  • Add fish Sauce, Lime Juice, Tamarind Paste and Sugar
  • Add Chilli and Dried Chilli
  • Wait until the soup boil again then ready to serve

Pad Thai
How to make Pad Thai Sauce

Add margarine, tomato sauce, chili sauce, sugar, palm sugar, tamarind paste, garlic pickle, fish sauce on the medium heat, stir until it mixed well

How to cook Pad Thai

Soak the noodle into water for 20 minute to clean the flour on the texture

Change the water and soak the noodle again for 10 minutes to make it softer and transparent, after that put in the strainer until a bit dry

· Heat up the oil in the pan

· Add egg and stir until it cooked

· Add noodle and prawn

· Add Pad Thai sauce

· Stir until the noodle become soft and yellow

· Add sweet radish, beansprout, chive, yellow tofu, and dried shrimp, fry until the vegetable become a bit soft

· Serve with ground peanut and chili powder

Sweet Tapioca

  • Clean the tapioca and peel the skin out
  • Boil into water with low heat, wait until it cooked (if the chopstick can pass through, it has already cooked)
  • Put Tapioca into room temperature water
  • Boil water and sugar together until mixed well, add tapioca, simmer with low heat around 30 minutes
  • Wait until it cold and serve with coconut milk

How to make coconut milk

  • Boil coconut milk, add sugar and salt, stir until the sugar and salt melt down
  • Add flour to make it thick (optional)

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