Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Saturday, August 27, 2005

broccoli week!!!

i bought the most broccoli in my whole entire life at Saveway today!!! half a kilo of broccolis! i dunno whether can u imagine anot but it's like one whole bag??? and for a mere 99c! yes it's those quick clear items! but i checked..they looked alright for at least a week....

Next on route bought 'breakfast juice' which was the usual brand of my strawberry apple (introduced to me by googie dear!!)..thot i give it a try since it's on sale too.. then i bought milk....and i bought 5 cans of tuna each 99c too! usual price is $1.50!! heehee i saved quite abit of money! i bought....

> tomato and basil (2tins)
> lemon and pepper
> sweet thai chilli
> smoked flavour

yah so happee!!! Oh gosh so excited by my cheap grocery shopping that I had forgotten to mention that I was at bigW before I stepped into Saveway. From BigW I lugged back a huge ring file to hold all my prof prac notes and 3 packs of smith chips: salt and vinegar, original and thai sweet chilli...

then when I came back to the apt then I realized that the salt and vinegar's expiry date is 17-aug005??!!!!!! BigW sells expired goods!!! alamak...duh!
better eat it quick man time must be more careful...

yup yup..that's all for today ...haha...going to poke holes into my notes after this then go and do my studio work......
yah spring is here...CONFIRM. Period.

oh i forgot to mention...whilst washing my was wat happened...sheesh....

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


another POST!
yippee! but this time is from watermelonJuIcE...
inside the parcel was ...

a handmade pop out card
a petite Halloween Blythe doll
a keychain
a pink tape
an AfroKen pencil
a NONO magazine
a snowdome (pinkn castle inside!!!)
2 boxes of Hello Kitty choc biscuits
2 books of Sue Townsend to keep me company


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

hello kitty has new fren!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI received a package in my mailbox!!!
But I was on my way out to school, so I quickly stuff it into my bag…and before Brent (my history tutor) came, I opened it together with jubes!

Woohoo! And voila! A strawberry piglet! *grin* and came with a note! And hey….there is something else inside the package! And lilac pouch…I opened and see….whoa! inside is a crystallized crown pendant with chain and all!!

*smooch* tine!

Monday, August 22, 2005

restraining order!

what! my internet service provider has just sent me an email to notify me that i have exceeded my bandwidth! they have downgraded me to a 64kps speed which is like the dialup. so slow and every 1MB which i use i have to pay the extra...but the good news is..the usual speed will be resumed at the beginning of the next month. i have to go to the comlabs to surf online, check my emails and troublesome. *shake head* a life with limits is a painful path.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

listening pains

it's really weird how some pple's minds are and how self righteous they can be! i wonder have they ever thot that it might be they themselves who are in the wrong when there are so many fingers pointing at them. well obviously there is something wrong if everyone is accusing...

the worst part was to used overdued food to feed ur wittingly unknowning frens..who were so grateful for the fact tat they thot they have delicious home cooked meals to eat! alas what they didnt know wat these "fresh food" which the chef had just bought from the supermarket was bought like 1 month ago! The fresh food bought by the chef obviously had gone into the freezer, waiting to be cook, say maybe a month later?

OUTRAGEOUS yah..psst, the chef laters collect money for the food from the friends.

oh well, there are these sort of people beware.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

tim tams on sale now@saveway!

wonderful colourful cheap choco biscuits on sale now at $1.98!!! woohoo!

the 2 girls infront of me at the cashier counter, each had a basket full of timtams! and when it was their turn to pay, the whole conveyor belt was just TIM TAMS!

~chocoholic pink

Snail Mail

a parcel of home filled with love and thots.
overwhelmed pinky
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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

missing china

Image hosted by jie has gone back to sz again... 645am flight. dunno why the company so horrible, make him take this "godforsaken time" have to reach the airport at 445am. think no bird is that early to catcha worm, least a plane!!! not to mention, to reach the airport at 445am, he has to wake up at 4am? *shake head*

i saw daylight again this morning. i hate wednesday 6pm. im gg to zz now, hopefully can wake up at 12nn.


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for an idea. god...pls give me a candy to entice nigel and paul...

Saturday, August 13, 2005


WJ is safely in singapore shores once more.
Last nite he boarded the plane at 7.45pm sharp, but the captain told them that the plane will be delayed due to typhoons ahead...and after an hour of waiting,the captain said that the airport was closed temporarily and still WJ and the other passengers were in the plane, hungry and not being able to do anything. Finally at 10.22pm, they took off. Despite the stormy weather.

~so poor thing had to wait 2 hours plus in the plane. me velle.

today someone asked me..."er ur name is fion ah?..or eon ah?..."
sigh....this is why i changed my name to velle. wonder why i didnt put it into my RMIT application form. must have forgotten it. shucks. now i still have this stupid problem.

wait till u hear how my china colleagues pronounce my yvonne name...and my chinese primary school teachers all the way to JC...down to my fren's grandmother who calls me .."eee---yon"

plus the nurse at the polyclinic..whose pronunciation sent roars of laughter from my own dad, who was actually the one who named me yvonne..yes the nurse called me.."yo-nee-yo???...anyone by the name of yo-nee-yo" i was sooo embarassed.

Not to mention the fact that when i was in secondary school, there were 3 yvonnes in my class...they nicknamed us as big Y, medium Y and small Y. there must be a GOD up there somewhere, perhaps he was blind and deaf at that moment to hear or see my embarassment...when the teacher calls us, 3 of us turned our head at the teacher..wondering who the teacher is calling.

mulan and my dinner.

dun worry mummy, im not eating junk food! see here! healthy home cooked food! though far from your yummy delicious chicken stew! sobsob...miss those alot.

during dinner entertainment> mushu was the joke of the day

mushu pointing at the villians: DID U SEE THEM!!! THEY POP OUT LIKE DAISIES FROM THE SNOW!
i couldn't help laughing at him.

and then there was this part where the grandma drooled as the handsome general came looking for mulan..she cried "ah! sign me up for the army next time!!!"

Friday, August 12, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.comHas it ever occured to you that "form follows function" is morally right?
i think i once wrote it somewhere in my blog, or my private journal that i believe it's " function follow form" for me. well at least that was what i perceived when i was doing aki in year3.

after reading Geoffrey Boardbent's A Plain Man's Guide to the Theory of Signs in Architecture, many thots came to my mind:

The word "functional" has become = steel and concrete frame buildings, simple and rectangular in form and clad in white stucco, grey concrete or glass.

When u analyse these "functional" buildings; buildings that enclose space in ways which may faciliate or inhibit a particular range of activities, filter out the external environment etc. They, the pioneering "functionalist" buildings of the 20s are far from their original purpose or least function. Those which do remain have mostly been altered to fit them for continued habitation and examples of Corbs Maison la Roche and Villa Savoye at Poissy have restored to become museums.

Which means, these form-follow-function buildings are the very thing they were not suppose to be.
So this led pinky over here thinking...

so do we design building now that is multi purpose-ful? but by appealing to the masses of allowing multi purpose buildings, won't it lead to dull and boring spaces? or worst, many buildings all having the same
functions because now every building is mulit purpose. or carry on this form follow function moral?

The Death of the Author - Roland Barthes

Excerpts from Image Music Text

In his story Sarrasine Balzac, describing a castrato disguised as a woman, writes the following sentence: ' This was woman herself, with her sudden fears, her irrational whims, her instinctive worries, her impetuous boldness, her fussings, and her delicious sensibility.' Who is speaking thus? Is it the hero of the story bent on remaining ignorant of the castrato hidden beneath the woman? Is it Balzac the individual, furnished by his personal experience with a philosophy of Woman? Is it Balzac the author professing 'literary' ideas on femininity? Is it universal wisdom? Romantic psychology? We shall never know, for the good reason that writing is the destruction of every voice, of oblique space where our subject slips away, the negative where all identity is lost, starting with the very identity of the body writing.

No doubt it has always been that way. As soon as a fact is narrated no longer with a view to acting directly on reality but intransitively, that is to say, finally outside of any function other than that of the very practice of the symbol itself, this disconnection occurs, the voice loses its origin, the author enters into his own death, writing begins.

The Author is thought to nourish the book, which is to say that he exists before it, thinks, suffers, lives for it, is in the same relation of antecedence to his work as a father to his child.

We know now that a text is not a line of words releasing a single 'theological' meaning (the 'message' of the Author-God) but a multi-dimensional space in which a variety of writings, none of them original, blend and clash. The text is a tissue of quotations drawn from the innumerable centres of culture.

Back to Balzac sentence. No one, no 'person', says it: its source, its voice, is not the true place of the writing, which is reading. The reader is the space on which all quotations that make up a writing are inscibed without any of them being lost; a text's unity lies not in its origin but in its destination.

We know that to give writing its future, it is necessary to overthrow the myth: the birth of the reader must be at the cost of the death of the Author.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Image hosted by oh i saw daylight at 715approx this morning!!!
i got sleep lah..from 230am to 630am this morning. what to do...this is the consequence i get from not having enuff creative juices. sob sob, i look just as pale as Blythe aredi.

had my black coffee. (never knew i could stomach that ebony liquid) architecture. is really bad for the health. not much sleep. lots of coffee. late nites. abit of worrying, anxiety on and off. LOST. most of the time, sometimes in design, sometimes in space, sometimes in studios, most times in my own world and most times in LIFE.

most pple think after school life gets better. i tell lor. it just gets worse. more sniggering satirical tutors, hello demanding clients.

then how ah?
~le miserable pink...still got a 50 word essay to churn out later for studio.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

2 degs tonite...

look at the temp at 23:00 today! madness...soon it will be snowing.
velley chilling

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

winter is still here

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it's been raining over here for the past 2 days. and the light in my apt is very dim. i slept early for the past few days. becos im putting sth which i need to do away. i make excuses because i have history to do. i tell myself im tired. but i read harry potter 6 before i sleep till4am. i'm reading harrypotter 6 for the 2nd time. i dread waking up in the morning. i make hot tea all the time and escaping to shower for the longest time.

dreading this thu 230pm.

Saturday, August 6, 2005

most little girls dream that one day they will be the prettiest bride on earth.
i'm one of those little girls.


while surfing online...images thanks to vincci!

Friday, August 5, 2005

i went to the library about 1pm plus, after having my teochew porridge with tofu, yet again. But im quite okie with it! whilst i was cooking my tofu, i left chapter 10 on, churning again and again my wmp. *B4 WJ left last nite he had recorded ch10 of HarryPotter and the philosopher stone and emailed me. *

heehee...i must have heard about HarryPotter's new broom and his encounter with the troll about 3 times while i was cooking!

after lunch was to the library and WJ called me to inform me that he had safely landed in HK airport. woohoo!
Next was down to the cafeteria to get my free regular cup of coffee, cos i have finished stamping all the empty slots on my card! YIPPEE!

walked to QV, the postOffice post was close and so the movable POST box was inside the shop. *wince*
Went down to saveway, put my cup of mocha into my bag carefully, making sure it was tugged snuggly between my book and pencil case. off i went in. Bought veggies and a 2L OJ w added Calcium!

Up the escalator...wanted to take my mocha out...AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! i saw coffee spilled all over! shucks...went to a side table and took out the cup, wiped the lib book with tissue, tried to clean my student diary, file and look at WJ envelope..phew. not soiled with coffee at least! thank god. but the rest were soaked with mocha....sobsob!
and worst still..the insides of my patrick cox, i could still see the mini pools/puddles of mocha!!! oh oh!!! my heart almost torn...stoopid mocha!!!

quickly went out of QV, cross the road and opp of laTrobe street, i gingerly dropped the starry envelop into the POSTbox along the street and walked as quickly as i can back to 101/9 Earl st.

hurriedly dumped the OJ and veg into the fridge, i poured all the items out of my patrick cox and turned the insides out..and started washing. then i realised the fabric was not absorbing any water at all! oh good! which means the base of the bag must have been clean...oh Yeah!! thank god for brands!


oh baby! i love u so, and even more for that extra money u put into genuine good quality commodities!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Thank you mr postman!

Image Hosted by oh finally weijie has gotten the Xstitch which i made! it sits on his home desk now together with mr penguin.

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

same dinner again...

the one on the top is my instant noodle with veggie and egg without egg yolk.
yes i dun like egg yolk.

the one @the bottom is my stirfried beef again. yes since may, yes the beef that i bought together with my sis.

hmm... didnt want to do studio work,
so i decided to whip up a poem,
turns out that im not so poetically inclined.

i think i spent almost an hour on that silly poem.
oh well i hope it will make wj laugh
cos i thot it was pretty silly.
i hope u enjoyed ur crystal jade and starbuck...
look wat im having over here tonite.