Thursday, November 30, 2006


Ah han, our driver for the day with his megawatty smile. Before he agreed to take this photo, he actually preened himself in front of the rear view mirror, smoothing his hair.
Ultimate hiao pok.

DFO - Direct Factory Outlet and is a one stop shopping experience which i guess all international students should give it at least one shot.

Basically it's a gigantic complex housing over 100 leading brands and stores all conveniently located under one roof in one floor plate.

There are local brands such as Witchery, Portsman, Dotti (A must visit for all Dotti fans!!! i got 2 dresses for $10 each and a jacket for $20), Tony Bianco, Gripp Jeans, Grab, COTTON ON (bridge road has a wider variety), JayJays, JustJeans...Underwear: BONDS, Kayser, Playboy, CalvinKlein etc etc
Surfing wears like Mambo, Quiksilver and Roxy down to homewares, appliances, lighting, SPOTLIGHT. International brands are also at cheaper prices such as FCUK, Guess?, Gant, Polo Ralph Lauren,Country Road, NineWest (Cheap cheap cheap! saw a $39 shoe but i resisted!!!!) Giodano blah blah blah! For guys of cos there's Essential Man, Politix and erm...CFM? Strandbags are cheaper here too compared to the city ones!
Literally everything and anything.

xw is melting in ah han's non air-conditioned automobile. And here we are at the DFO!!!

ah han and xw - too hot to be bothered to take any more photos. They just wanted to get out of the hot scorching sun! See...even under the hot sun, xw is covering her arms with a black cardigan! *Drop*

after all that window shopping, we went down to lygon for a cuppa gelato to chill and cool. LIFE is peaking now. oh yeah.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Latest Scoop!

ritey gals!

here's a collection of what i bought that day when i was out with xw at brunswick.

The short skirts there are definitely a bargain. Many fabrics to choose, from denim, corduroy, suede, polyester to cotton with a wide range of colours and sizes. The cheapest skirt i got was $3 only! Most of them were priced at $15 each which i tot was quite a good bargain already.

The halter was something which i had been eyeing on since last semester and it's still there! haha. well after a long thought: im leaving melbourne for good and it would be my last chance to buy....HECK! buy it!
Comes in 2 colours = blue (picture above) and yellow with pink.


You girls must be wondering how come i didnt choose pink, well xw says she seldom see me in listen to her. Bought the blue one instead. Well, that's about it, xw bought 2 sunnies leh!!! hmmm i wonder when will i get the chance to see her in sunnies!!!! muahahah. Not that she didnt look good in them, just that it's like seeing the sun rising from the west!

see you all down south soon!
*psst, south sounds like hell yeh? well it's almost going to be as hot as hell here!get ur sunnies and blockies ready babes!*

~ pinky awaits summer

Halloween next year

last nite we were discussing about our bunny suits for halloween next year. it will be our first one together. but wj told me this.....

" i may be young but i'm old fashioned." -wj

that's it boys and girls, i will come to the halloween party dressed up as a pumpkin. No skimpy bunny suit for me.

so much emotions

she feels drunk in the scene. Love came so swiftly and quietly. silent. And hit upon you. That is love. A beggar boy by the street whispered coyly into his ear. This is the advice i give you. I may not know how to beg but i know how love is. Would you choose the man who will go to the ends of the world with you and smile at you when u are down, or the man who never smile because of the secret that he bears deep down in his heart?

~ pinky knows not whether she is drunk by the white grape juice or the drama.

A tune from the past

spring waltz. episode 10 reminded me of my past where she will call me in the afternoon, lay the phone by the piano and play a tune for me. it was so sweet and bitter as i watched that scene past me by, re-enacted by someone else now.

i will never forget our times together.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Sole for souls

1. Peek-a-Boo scarlet from Sportsgirl (price i refuse to blog here...)
2. Jaksbad Weave shoe $20

Kit tools to clothings

Personally i find that accessories are essential to a girl's wardrobe/ drawer/ jewellery box (well i have no idea where all girls keep their stuff but should be one of those above). It's not considered clothings but rather the complimentary part of a clothing. A set of kit tools that requires time and effort to build. A good eye for details and colour. A gut feeling of combination and the appropriate time to adorn and beam.

It makes a girl complete.

Quintentially the extension of a clothing set. If you have just a plain tee and jeans, a trendy belt, a pair of dangling earrings or a beaded pearl necklace, they can do wonders to create a whole new different look. It's like a naked rendered image carefully adorned with flora and homo-sapiens. Suddenly, it is alived and habitated.

To me, accessories make me alive and habitated.

~Rubberbands to my hair count as accessory too.

Fave Photo of the week

me and xiuwen and mr jaune soleil and miss bleu sky and the purple flowered tree

brunswick with XW

Gorgeous du soleil apres-midi! moi et mon amie - xiuwen, nous allons faire le shopping a brunswick!

nous sommes tres heureuses!

j'aime beaucoup le shopping! haha. i bought a bag for $10 and a matching hairband for $2.50 from sportsgirl, ribbon diamante earrings for $3 and a high waist seashell belt for $4 from sportsgirl too!

At brunswick, the jaksbad shoe shop, i bought a $20 weave pointee shop (will post photo later to update u girls!), 2 necklaces, 2 skirts and 1 halter from Dangerfield and that's about it!

We pranced our whole day at brunswick, skipped along the cafes, browsed into the vintage shops, hopped into the cobblersware and wandered into the numerous and interesting and vividly colourful shops, some were worth noting and thus i whipped out my phone camera to snap afew shots to show here. There was this shop which sold handmade products made from recycled materials such as bottle caps, and coca cola cans. Tres jolis!

To conclude the day, we rested our feet along chineville for diner and packed our bags with loads of fruits from saveway and bide adieu at my little nest along earl street, just around the little bend.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

when i was young

When i was young i always dreamt my bf as someone sturdy, tall and smart. Sociable and sporty. Someone who will tell me things that i never knew existed and played the piano for me when im down. He will bring me breakfast on occasional mornings with my favourite jam and scrambled eggs. He is the kind that my girlfriends will adore to have and envy me for having him. We will dance latin together and learn french together. Buy me gifts on our special days and bring me to the hill to see the stars and have the car boot filled with roses and balloons. He is the one who will go on bended knee with a huge pink rock to my name. He is the sole breadwinner. He will tell jokes at dinner time and have funny conversations with my parents. He will love my dogs and we'll have a big house with sprawling landscape where i will have 2 to 3 kids running all over the lawn on a hot humid sunday morning.

i was young and that was why i dreamt the un-imaginable things of my bf.

Friday, November 24, 2006

i'm a star once more!

this evening, i was out with my galfriend to a small and cozy bar just down the corner of the street. a friend of hers, S with her mexician bf had a colleague who was performing. Confusing rite. 3men band, 1 on the guitar, 1 lead vocalist and 1 accompaniment.

had a heineken which only cost me $3!!! i had a shock when the girl told me my total bill for a gin tonic and beer was $11! OMG, $11 back home can only get me a gin tonic.

the 3men band had a few gigs that nite but we only stayed for 2 and S told me that i look like SHU QI!!!'s been awhile since i heard that compliment. So i was elated for the whole nite aredi! yes, im that cheapo+bimbo, if a girl comes up to my face and tell me that im pretty or i look like ShuQi, my little head will ballooned as big as the moon and i will float to the sky. Hey it isnt everyday that someone will tell me i look like a star.
After the lounge, we went for a bowl of nandos chips with peri peri to fill our stomachs while we waited for the 'rite time' to enter another club. At the entrance, the bouncer asked for our IDs! S*** i didnt bring. So i told the girls that i go back first but the bouncer said he will close his eyes and let us in cos we are pretty!
*one notch higher into the sky...velle is almost reaching the clouds...*
upon entering, the whole nite, there was

me, nicole and jas.
me jas and nicole.
jas, nicole and me,
nicole jas and me.

there were sooo many people! what a party! terrific.

i definitely have no doubts about us being the prettiest in the club then.

And the other thing i wanted to comment was: i saw teenage girls sucking on lollipops on the dancefloor! trying to act all coy and cute. urgh! they should ban cigarettes and lollipops on the dancefloor! plureeeze little mei-meis, leave ur cutesy coyish sucking pouty lips in the bedroom for ur puberty-hormones raging bfs to oogle and get all stiff. I didnt pay $18 just to see u suck ur lollies.

cant even shake ur bootys properly.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

toothpaste and me

aiyoh. i dropped toothpaste onto myself again. i always do that and it will leave a white tear drop stain on my tee. i wonder does anyone out there has the same problem as me.
Or maybe it's just me with my too big a mouth and too much toothpaste.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Growing Prosperous!

what do u do when u have loads of spare time on your hands?
shop shop shop and eat eat eat!
the day began with a free cuppa coffee from my skul cafeteria as i have accumulated once again my 10th cup of free coffee on the house.

Met one of my galpals at the skul lab as her internet is down. Next we went for lunch. SUSHI was our choice since

Sushi is very nutritious due to the fact that it is naturally low in fat, high in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Fats: Fish and seafood are naturally low in fat, and what fat is found in them is generally unsaturated fat rich in Omega-3. The fact that they are served raw also means that no extra fat is used in their preparation.

Proteins: Fish, seafood, egg, and many other sushi fillings contain high levels of protein.
Vitamins and Minerals: These are found in many of the vegetables used for sushi. For example, the gari and nori used to make sushi are both rich in nutrients. Other vegetables wrapped within the sushi also offer various degrees of nutritional value.
Carbohydrates: These are found in the rice and the vegetables.

and so we met another friend at Tomodachi Sushi restaurant where they serve sushi on a conveyor belt. The sushi is served on color-coded plates (same as Singapore), each color denoting the cost of that piece of sushi. The plates are placed on a conveyor belt or boats floating in a moat. The belt or boat passes the sushi by the customers who can pick and choose what they want. After finishing, the bill is tallied by counting how many plates of each color have been taken. Nicole had about 5 plates plus an additional boat of raw beef with raw egg! Jaslyn had about 4 plates with one of them being the stuff soft shell crab! YUMMILICIOUS she exclaimed.

Next HOYTS here we come. watched The Prestige about 2 Magicians who started off as friends who then became rivals in the industry. Obsession and passion drove the both of them mad and hurt their beloved ones.

Final Stop: EAT AGAIN! this time round was at a Chinese restaurant further up of chinatown precinct. Called Red Ants. Had the traditional Dan Dan handmade noodles with some pork buns and a plate of eggplants. (YUCKS) i think u gals know why...

haha...oh well, that pretty much sums up the whole day of eat and shop. Opps! hmmm now then i realised that there wasnt much of a shopping bit! well cos the previous 2 days i have been shopping like mad. Too much of a routine to notice any difference compared to today...

*hands cover eyes*

Nail that finger!

all by myself! Not bad huh...2 steady hands and 10 pretty fingers decorated with pink flowers and green leaves. It's a pity that i didnt have any crystals with me, if not they will be perfectly shining with bling-blings! And all the girls can envy me to their graves!

Monday, November 20, 2006


hot sweltering afternoon where i was at a tour agency with nicole when my phone rang. Over at the other end, an angmoh voice.
i thought it was some promoter trying to persuade me into buying or taking up some new plan. Idiot. i have heard umpteen complaints from students saying about a certain mobile company who calls up students and persuade them to upgrade their plans, change their internet service provider etc...and they talk like machine guns.
Once they start, they never stop and you cant even pause them and say you are not interested.
"who are you exactly !!??"
" i have a parcel for you."
"oh! " abit embarassed for being so curt.
"can you please leave it at the reception then? ....thanks!"
it's hangin' upside down now, waiting for eternal elixir to be bestowed onto it.

pin down

9am: pin down! whoppee! finally.
12nn: BIG BREAKFAST along the menzie alley of melbourne central where i slowly savoured my cuppa latte and watch the working class ate and went in a rush.
i was very contented.
tired but contented.

and i did some shopping....*grins* and i saw marcia with another guy! *gossips* hahahaha.....
tall and quite cute! kekeke....*more gossips*

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Before and After

Varying lengths of common corridor

edge conditions between park and site. The elevated deck provides an invisible demarcation between public domain and public residential. A platform raised and residents can have a view of the sporting activities occuring at the park.

Proposed sunken Event Court where passer-bys can view the 'Courtyard'

Kopitiam under the void deck area - amplifies shophouse 'shop' activity that spills out onto adjacent areas.

view from balcony and its volumetric living spaces - visual connection between different units.

Mid level green and linkage - mid level amenities shorten the distance vertically and provides a more 'private' public realm for residents.

Proposed Nutmeg Court with Daycare centre and children's playground where parents can leave their toddlers and go for a walk at the park.

the Communal Courtyards

Surgically all done in photoshop7. All rendered images have no materials applied to them except for the glass thus rendering took quite fast. Each image took about 10mins or so.
Overall im quite okay with the results since im not a 3d perspectivist. Hey im suppose to go out into the world and design and not do 3d or just photoshop photoshop.

yum cha!

jason introduced me to the world of yumcha where it represents so many things.
Yumcha means:
1. coffee
2. drink bubble tea
3. the traditional timsum

sometimes i get really confuse when he tells me to go yumcha.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

MOVE that booty!

~ it's party time on weekends! ~


so many pretty babes but where are the good looking guys??? i think we must be blind that nite.

protest again. as usual.

a protest walk against the G20. throngs of people gathered outside the state library and there were many representatives from various groups all geared up for the bigwalk. we just had our timsums that afternoon and viewed the walk along swanston street.

Loud music and weird looking people. Could see that many were there not for a purpose but to join in and having abit of fun. well we were there for a viewing purpose. haha. so bored over here...just waiting for the right persons to get down south now.

u know who u are.

cet apres midi

3 girls. GPO. 3 mochas. 3 chairs. 3 hours.

Friday, November 17, 2006

vendredi la nuit

a small celebration after our exhibition. nothing much. paid an extorbitant amt for drinks which we drank like puny sips. misseyJ was grumbling about how much the guys were drinking as they dunked down the chivas like water. Imitating the dentist chair, getting all high while we gals stayed real sombre and not even a tiny weeny bit of 'high'. i think we all felt abit cheated on them using our money cos as ...
misseyJ said: whoa first time i go clubbing i have to pay to open the bottle wor! and also not i want to open a bottle! i buy myself a drink also cheaper lah!
and we paid for our own entrance in.
We are not cheapos and neither do either one of us wants to complain, BUT guys...u are the ones that invite us gals to the party, we paid our entrances and u still have the cheek to ask money from us to pay for your drinks.
tsk tsk.
u are so un-gentlemanly.
and we will never want to club with u anymore.

it's dinner time...

...and we are not afraid of getting fat! bring the barbe in!!!


the curry-tuna-in-a-hand gal.


whole nite playing on her mobile. hmm...i wonder what will happen if she loses that gadget of hers? i think the mobile has played an utmost important role in our daily mundane lives now as i reckon that many people out there will literally ' have their worlds crashing down' if they were to lose their mobiles becos of...

all the contacts (phone numbers, birthdays, addresses, emails maybe)
all the lovey-dovey messages which u will never bear to delete
all the alarms you set just to wake u up in the wee hours
all your favourite ringtones
all your personalised photographs which u have snapped while u were happy, sad or alone

all of the mobile part of u.


whole nite cursing and swearing at a particular person until the next day when i saw her, she was still cursing and swearing.

3 days ago...
she was cursing and swearing at the panels from dropping down the wall. the following day, she was still at the same act.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


the feeling of released, in between, lost and happiness.

It's another turning point in life. To apply for PR or to balik kampung OR the options of choosing the right firm and start a new lease of career life. To have a quick get-away holiday OR to laze back and watch the days go by. To pack OR unpack?

suddenly we are no more the students. and neither are we working professionals. so here we are (the twenty-somethings-in-betweens) laughing our heads off as we eat our BBQ platter for 2 while i tell the gals stupid silly jokes where no one will laugh for its content but for its purpose instead.

anyhow, this restaurant which jaslyn recommended serves delicious green curry and very fragrant thai rice. Thumbs up for their authentic fullsome-flavoured cooking, i assume so since their waitresses couldnt muster a fluent english conversation with us. Waitress A had some difficulty while she was explaining that they will charge us $15 per head if our total bill was less than $60! So all of us had to order a drink and another side dish (which is the lemak curry!!!) to top up our full bill.

yups, it was a pretty long nite as they gals came over to QV to look for me for dinner. And after this we are heading to LAVISH for the nite!

W O O T W O O T S !

BBQ platter for 2

which filled 4 hearty happy gals' stomachs.