Saturday, January 2, 2010

Orchard Central in ORCHARD ROAD of cos!

Orchard central is one of the newest malls along Orchard road along with 313 Somerset and ION. I personally think the xpresscalators along the facade of the building is really fascinating especially those who love sights from way high above.
Although i wouldn't recommend it to those who has weak me. Quite freaky really. Feels like going on a roller coaster ride. Anyway what i really want to comment was, from the lovely green roof terrace, i saw that the whole orchard road was covered with "green umbrellas"! How cool is that!!! No wonder people say that Singapore is a garden city!!!

It was a fabulous sight, not only the beautiful landscaped roof deck with green vertical walls+ aquatic plants+wired sculptures+colourful pieces. So stop by this mall, not just for shopping, but for a breathe of fresh air.

green roof rocks!
brings down the temperature, soothing to the eyes, acts as an insulator from heat and of cos, it's an ADDITIONAL space for green plants to grow from since land is so scarce here.

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