Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sunday Brunch

Saturday brunch with the gals, but last minute, Elle couldn't make it because of work. So Pengs and I met at Dempsey's PS cafe for a good hearty breakfast.
I had the PS cafe big breakfast, my choice of poached eggs and beef sausage. The beef sausage was a mistake as it was really tough, and the bacons were very hard. Looks good but taste wasn't up to par.
Pengs Chicken parmagianni fared better. Looks appetising and tastes just as good! So there's the better choice if you ever go to PS cafe for brunch people!

For dessert, we shared a citrus orange cake with a dollop of vanilla ice cream to finish our lovely duo gathering which of cos it's missing its third party - ELLE...

ritey, just to cap this little blog, a picture of me and my frosty!!! It's been quite awhile i last posted a photo of him..and he looks abit grouchy here cos he doesn't really like to take photos...

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