Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stirling HDB Terrace- #11 Gifts for our Neighbours


We know how noisy it gets when people start their we decided to present ear-plugs as gifts for our neighbours before our renovation hacking works start. WJ and I went down to a hardware shop in chinatown to get them one weekend. After say 5mins of bargaining, we got each ear-plug for $1.30. Hmm is it cheap? I really dunno!!!
HOPE our neighbours love it though, the extra effort that we put in and the thoughts we give in.

cutting the reno cards up before distributing it tomorrow when the hacking starts. WOOHOO. The cards are design by yours truly, so wj just had to foot for the ear-plugs bill...hehehehe

i really enjoy doing these stuff... ^_^

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  1. this is a fab idea! don't mind i copy! i always pity the neighbours... myself included when i have to face such noise... :)