Monday, April 12, 2010


less talk and more food photos!
Just for the quick info, it's approx $70 with tax inclusive per person. Semi buffet - you can choose your mains from a wide selection and the REST ARE BUFFET!!! like the oysters, mussels, prawns and crabs, cakes, ice-creams, sushi, sashimi, soup, salad,cheeses+crackers and B-E-A-U-tiful appetisers!!!

Okay peeps I'm going to chomp here!

we're choosing our mains here, cuz going for the salmon while i'm getting the sirloin steak!

more appetizers, my sushi and sashimi and cuz starting on hers too!

my foie gras, a part of the semi-buffet, served before my main. Here's cuz checking out on the desserts!

and what better to way to end the meal with a good cuppa roasted coffee and sweets.


  1. Wow, the food looks awesome! BTW, just wanted to update you that we have decided on taking up the ROM package with The Wedding Present. The designer who attended to me was Ling as Patrick wasn't free that day. She was quite good and she remembered your pink kua and poufy ROM dress! My package was S$850. Was yours at this cost as well?

  2. hey there!!! YAY! Ling is really sweet and attentive! Took the Wedding package so it's abit different from yours. Mine consist of WG, EG, teadress, KUA ,make-up (3), accessories, 1 suit, flowers (2)and shoes (1). Really happy for you!! ^_^

  3. At least, one issue down and many more to go! Haha, yah, she is quite well-versed with the materials to know what will best achieve the effect that I want and what will flatter me. Anyway, she recommended your ROM poufy skirt, which I may be going for as it looks so cute and fun! Its between that or a tulle skirt. =)

    Thanks, you have been of great inspiration!

  4. so happy for u! I simply LOVE weddings! Just take your time and everything will go smoothly!