Friday, April 16, 2010

TAMPOPO!!! Ramen Craze

Choosing from a wide variety of ramen here, unlike Marutama's SUPER basic menu, here is like a candy store! And so I'm going to have the Black Pig Shabu Ramen with dragon ball!!!

The last time i was here, i had the tonkatsu ramen which was also really good. Thick wholesome broth with springy noodles and crispy tonkatsu on the metal mesh tray. Rights, i couldn't forget it and so I'm back here again to try other types of ramen.

Verdict: SUPERB stock once again, delicious flavour. HMMPPHHH!!!! The dragon ball is huge. But i think you can go with the basic one without the ball.

Service: Sensing that they are really busy, but they do try to pay attention and get your orders quick. So can't really fault them. I mean the bowls of ramen are coming in relatively fast, the snaking queue outside the shop, plus everyone's talking really loud, people asking for their bill.

it's really like a fish market out here.

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