Saturday, April 24, 2010

Japanese Food - IchiBan Boshi

One of our favourite haunts at Great World City
I love their lobster salad sushi. Really yummy. Sometimes, wj and I also share a bento set. The one which we always get has a salmon bowl (for me) and a pork cutlet rice bowl (for him). The set also comes with chawanmushi, fruits, pickles and miso. So it's really value for money.

pretty sushi with nice colours. WJ having wasabi fumes in his nose. hahahha

and we brought ahren along too, to watch us eat.

we also ordered agedashi tofu. Well actually it's free cos now the restaurant is having the stamp card. So after a certain number of stamps, you are entitled to free stuff on the menu. Last stamp allows the card holder to have a spin on the wheel.

And i'm having a Honshu hot-pot here!

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