Saturday, April 24, 2010

Japanese Food - IchiBan Boshi

One of our favourite haunts at Great World City
I love their lobster salad sushi. Really yummy. Sometimes, wj and I also share a bento set. The one which we always get has a salmon bowl (for me) and a pork cutlet rice bowl (for him). The set also comes with chawanmushi, fruits, pickles and miso. So it's really value for money.

pretty sushi with nice colours. WJ having wasabi fumes in his nose. hahahha

and we brought ahren along too, to watch us eat.

we also ordered agedashi tofu. Well actually it's free cos now the restaurant is having the stamp card. So after a certain number of stamps, you are entitled to free stuff on the menu. Last stamp allows the card holder to have a spin on the wheel.

And i'm having a Honshu hot-pot here!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Marina Square- Mr Curry by Waraku

We tried their non-spicy and spicy curry, and frankly we are not very impressed. But it might also because we are not very used to a sweet japanese curry. For us, especially singaporeans are very well tuned to spicy, hot sour kind of curry like chicken curry, laksa, tom yum soup etc. Those kind of fiery tastes that tingles your tastebuds.

For those who love a sweet curry, this is the place for you. Their curry boasts of mango and apple ingredients that brings the fruity and sweet flavour.

I've also tried their green tea milkshake, which is sad to say, totally not nice at all. Presentation is good, but it's very milky and terribly sweet, the green tea taste was totally submerged under the milk and cream.

Friday, April 16, 2010

TAMPOPO!!! Ramen Craze

Choosing from a wide variety of ramen here, unlike Marutama's SUPER basic menu, here is like a candy store! And so I'm going to have the Black Pig Shabu Ramen with dragon ball!!!

The last time i was here, i had the tonkatsu ramen which was also really good. Thick wholesome broth with springy noodles and crispy tonkatsu on the metal mesh tray. Rights, i couldn't forget it and so I'm back here again to try other types of ramen.

Verdict: SUPERB stock once again, delicious flavour. HMMPPHHH!!!! The dragon ball is huge. But i think you can go with the basic one without the ball.

Service: Sensing that they are really busy, but they do try to pay attention and get your orders quick. So can't really fault them. I mean the bowls of ramen are coming in relatively fast, the snaking queue outside the shop, plus everyone's talking really loud, people asking for their bill.

it's really like a fish market out here.

Monday, April 12, 2010


less talk and more food photos!
Just for the quick info, it's approx $70 with tax inclusive per person. Semi buffet - you can choose your mains from a wide selection and the REST ARE BUFFET!!! like the oysters, mussels, prawns and crabs, cakes, ice-creams, sushi, sashimi, soup, salad,cheeses+crackers and B-E-A-U-tiful appetisers!!!

Okay peeps I'm going to chomp here!

we're choosing our mains here, cuz going for the salmon while i'm getting the sirloin steak!

more appetizers, my sushi and sashimi and cuz starting on hers too!

my foie gras, a part of the semi-buffet, served before my main. Here's cuz checking out on the desserts!

and what better to way to end the meal with a good cuppa roasted coffee and sweets.