Saturday, December 1, 2012

DIY - Christmas Felt Wreath

Here are some Christmas Felt Wreath which i did over the weekend. It was quite fast to stitch up one, just about 15-30mins, cutting up the square felts took about 15mins for all nine of them. After stitching them,  you only just have to add a ribbon at the bottom to complete the whole festive look!
Think they look so cute!!!

I'm planning to give them out as gifts and to lay them as part of my table setting for my guests.
Hope my guests will love them.


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  1. The mini felt xmas wreaths look amazing, Velle! And they look even better grouped I am very inspired to make my own too. Oh, and did I spy a white acrylic Muji Christmas tree in the background? I've got it in red, and a white Santa too! I just love Muji...V.