Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Holidays - Tioman Day 1

 it's a long weekend here in Singapore so the 14 of us, friends and colleagues chartered a van on friday morning to cross the seas onto the shores of Malaysia. Tioman is where we are heading.

6am: meet at Lavender MRT station open carpark area.
7am: cross customs
9am: breakfast at JB where we had Yong Tau Foo.
12nn: Ferry from Mersing to Tioman (ABC)
3pm: Lunch at Tioman - service super SLOW.
4-7pm: Divers go diving, nua-ers go nua.
8pm: Dinner. Again service was so SLOW that we skipped our planned night walk because by the time we finished it was 1030pm!!!
my dear ex-colleague (the one in white) who overslept, skipped meeting us at Lavender and went straight to Woodlands checkpoint. Guess what she reached there faster than us!

something which i learnt on my trip.
my other colleague (the one in blue), i knew she was an aborist. ok so she loves plants. OMG. I didn't know she was a vegetarian too. Does it mean she loves plants so much that she loves eating them too?


My Breakfast - overloaded
They had a big fishcake where you can fry, but i think i rather have it in my soup.
 Finally after 1.5 hours to Woodlands and 2 hours to Mersing and 3 hours to Tioman.
I have reached ABC - Air Batang Tioman
I have no idea where did the "C" come from....

 here's my try at being a puffer fish.
i can even show you the underwater hand action for a puffer fish! - something which i learnt from this trip too.
neon coloured bicycles which caught my attention so much that i had to take a picture to show you all! But the locals don't cycle at all!!! it's the angmohs that do so, the locals go around on their bikes with a side car. - shucks, come to think of it, i don't have any photos to show here, so you all will just have to imagine.
 here's hubs waiting with cobwebs over his head for our dinner.
That's the way of life here - slow and easy. literally.

that night, we finished the day with a can of beer each and a packet of BBQ flavoured cheezels and DVD called The Professionals which I fell asleep halfway...zzzz

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