Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Holidays - Tioman Day 2

Good Morning from Tioman!
Today's itinerary is super simple.

8am: meet and wait at Jetty
9am: first dive or snorkel
11am: lunch- OMG so early
1pm: 2nd lunch - OMG i feel like a hobbit now who has many meals a day.
3pm-6pm: divers go dive, nua-ers go nua
7pm: dinner at another restaurant. Because everyone here is uber slow, we ordered before the restuarant opened, guess what, 8pm they were still cooking for us and there were many people in the restuarant were near fainting because they were hungry and some left.
10am: night walk to pizzaria

 saw a school of dolphins!

 first dive area...i didn't snorkel here cos i was abit scared.

hubs went down to try first cos it was getting really hot while waiting in the boat. plus it was very rocky....

 2nd diving area where i plucked up my courage and plunged myself into the sea. I can't swim.

 1pm: Yes I'm finally on shore and having my 2nd lunch now - vegetable soup and rice.

after lunch, we watched a dvd - My Big Fat Greek Wedding and fell asleep. When we woke up, it's time for dinner and the beautiful sun was setting.

 i ordered mixed grill because they ran out of chicken chop. it was fantastic although i waited 45mins for it. And only 30% of our food came. after waiting 2 hours, one of us the food never came. apparently, they missed out on her share. opps.

and we ordered 2 side dished of sambal brinjals - they never come either.
total mess up.

nevertheless, i was very satisfied with my BBQ mixed grill - 2 prawns, squid, fish fillet, chicken fillet, fries and coleslaw on the side.
night walk to a pizzaria where the pizzas are $20 ringgit each. and I ordered a very potent mojito where one of my cute auntie colleague pronounced as mosquito.

hubs and his Mojito.

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