Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hong Kong Day 02

When I first came to HK, i didn't quite got accustomed to what the locals like to eat for breakfast - instant noodles with luncheon meat or macaroni with luncheon meat...didn't look appetizing nor nutritious to me. After visiting HK year after year, now I can eat their instant noodles and egg ham toast every day! And it all goes down with a good cup of hot milk tea. TEH-C to us Singaporeans.

Today's task on the must to do list is to visit Tai-O which i have putting it off for many years!! And I'm glad that I finally made my way down here today.

Take MRT to Tung Chun station. And there's a bus terminal outside the Tung Chun station. Take bus 11 all the way to the last stop which is Tai-O. The bus ride took about 45 mins and the journey was pretty hilly and windy. lots of ups and downs.

Alternatively, you can take a ferry from Central Ferry Pier Number 6 to Mui Wo. From Mui Wo, take bus number 1 to Tai-O.

I took the MTR-bus route which is supposedly faster. The Ferry route is the more scenic route but takes a longer time to get to Tai-O.

 super big fishballs.
Tons of stalls selling dried seafood along the street. I was half hesitant to buy a packet or two back home for my mother and in-laws. But seriously, I have no idea what are all these dried stuff!

 cute auntie is a straw hat.

I dialed my button to a scenic retro mode and all of a sudden, a few series of my photos were in retro mode before I managed to fiddle back to the normal mode.

 I think because it was a weekday, the market was closed and there was not much activity.

 Any singles who want a HK husband for 25 dollars?
 a beeline queue was in the making for uncle's charcoal made waffle eggs.

 We found a quaint cafe selling cakes and tea by the river. We rested our feet for awhile and enjoyed the sights - the river cruise visited by tourists and locals travelling on the waters.

 Journey back was also by bus back to Tung Chun Bus Terminal. On the way back ,we saw 3 ox.
Lunch was at Kau Kee Beef Brisket Noodles
21 Gough Street
Mon-Sat 1230pm to 1030pm.
Close on Sun and Public holidays
Must trys: Beef Brisket Kway Teow Soup and Curry Beef Tendon Noodles
 My Delicious Curry Beef Noodles - real spicy and so thick the broth! 
Hoo!!! like a curry beef stew!
I really enjoyed it but at the end of it, my lips were all red from the spicy curry.

Clear Broth Beef Brisket Kway Teow Soup
After our bowl of noodles, we went for Tai Cheong Egg tarts! - super moist and crust so thin and flaky that you can eat 2 at one go!

Next stop was Hui Lau Shan's mango drinks. It's so good that we had to have one every other day.
 Our buys for today. Mostly for the children. Dropped our shopping bags at the hotel, rest a while and wash up before we head out for the night street market for more walking and snacking.
 Snack time! Spicy fishballs.

 hubs went for the cuttlefish

Dinner time - claypot rice at a local Cha Can Teng. We ordered claypot sambal kang kong and ice lemon tea. The ice lemon teas here are just as good as their ice milk tea. And it's so refreshing after a good bite of the spicy kang kong. I think it's a match in heaven - ice lemon tea with spicy kang kong!!!

slurps. so good. so good!!! (i must say 2 most singaporeans say "can can" or "sure sure")

This packet chips is so cute that I have to "promote" and show the illustrations on the back of the chips. It's like dry instant noodles or McDonald's shaker fries!!! There's a packet of spices in the bag for you to shake the chips with. So you can say it's a shake shake chips!

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