Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hong Kong Day 04

My 4th day in Hong Kong and I must eat the scrambled eggs at Australia Diary Company. Because it's one of my favourites. We had to queue for awhile but it's really quite worth the wait. So i queued. And to make my wait worth all the seconds...i ordered a scrambled egg toast, one hot milk tea and 1 bowl of milk pudding. and i was bursting on my sides.

 After i had my hearty breakfast, i came out and there was still the snaking queue.
 then we waited out at Mcdonalds before granville circuit opened. so we just took a selfie.
We walked around the new mall called K-11, which supposedly incorporated some form of art/arts into the shopping space. They have a design store on the upper floors and an ABC cooking studio. It was also linked to the MTR and between the connection, there was an art exhibition space dedicated to laser cuts and 3d printer products.
 Tea break time - kam wah cafe. i really need to eat a good bo luo bao. Their buns are always hot from the oven. the top is flaky and the bun is soft.

 what better way to shed those calories? walk the streets!

 and the stuff we bought...all the funny kitsch knick knacks to bring home for colleagues and friends.
 Dinner was at this Roast Goose Cha Can Teng. But Yat Lok at Central is way better.

 Plum sauce on the side, so you can have as much sauce as you want for your roast goose.

 we ordered a plate of broccoli because we ate far too much meat for the past few days.
 Back to Flower Market and we ate Fei Jie Xiao Shi Dian. Ordered the Imperial combo 3.

 Bought COME BUY plum tea to quench our thirst

 hubs bought this durian praline from Hui Lau Shan for his parents

 i bought Kee Wah Almond biscuits for colleagues and wife cakes for daddy.

That's all folks!

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