Thursday, June 25, 2015

Backstage cafe

After visiting Etch and bolts, we dropped by backstage cafe to try their food. It's nestled within an industrial area where hubs missed the entrance to the carpark though from afar you can see their big signboard. On the insides, its very lofty. Huge volumes of space, high ceilings with drop down pendants hovering not at the tables but along the corridors. They have all sorts of seatings for different occasions. Like bar stools, booth seats, coffee table seats and the usual 4-6 seater dining style.

They have set menus which includes soup of the day and a scoop of ice cream which you have to scoop yourself from the freezer. Ice water is free!

I tried the salmon while hubs had salted egg pasta. And for $3 more, you can have a cup of coffee or tea. And I had the cutest latte art ever! A teddy bear!!!

Foodwise is OK and because we went on a week day and after lunch hours, it's practically empty. So service was fast.

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