Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Medan Day 4 - Samosir Island

Today is a chillax day. woke up had breakfast. lazed at the pavilion. went back to our rooms to nap. waked up for lunch, walk around the area. Back to the resort for a beer. Went back to our rooms to catch some telly. Showered. Went back to the resort cafe for dinner. Another bottle of beer.

The End.

not sure why they have our singapore merlions here. 
Are the resort owners from Singapore?

 no WIFI here. hubs not sure what to do.
not sure what to do?
i just start taking pictures!

 Double storey pavilions for us to chill. Faces Lake Toba

in case you are wondering how our rooms look like. This is it.

 hubs is trying some poses to make his face look slimmer....

 our short walk around the area. we didn't get far as the dark clouds were approaching.

i was intrigued by this sign that reads "inexpensive beer" !!! 
but it wasn't opened yet.

Hubs purposefully ordered a burger with cheese. can you imagine the look on his face when the burger came and the cheese was like scattered all over his plate? Not convinced and deflated.

 hubs not satisfied with his burger that he had to have a magnum black to cheer himself up.

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