Monday, June 1, 2015

Medan Day 3 - Getting to Lake Toba --> Samosir Island

 After a hearty breakfast, we checked out and headed towards Brastagi.

 whole canister of keropok at the breakfast buffet counter

 There are outdoor stations for dim sums and eggs.

 onto the roads.
 heavy traffic. look at all the motorcyclists in front of us!

 The weather was hot, but when we reached Brastagi, it was much cooler. The fruits and the flowers are thriving very well here!

strawberries! not in season yet.

This little one has turned red!

Then there's horse riding if you are game enough. Think kids will love the ride.

And here I am, at Gundaling Hill. To look at other hills across from here. 
So what do I see?

Next stop was Sipiso Piso Waterfall

Here we can see lake toba already. But it's still a long way to go!
After about 2 hours drive, we reached parapet and got our ferry tickets. 
It's $151,000 Rp per car.

here's how the car went onto the boat, one by one. Took about half an hour to load all the cars in. Including 3 trucks.

hubs was pretty amused. so was i! 
it's our first time driving a car up a boat!
here's how the boat deck looked like after we got up.
And the cars start coming in, one by one till the whole deck was full.
Local boys love going skinny dipping, jumping off the boat.

set sail. Ahoy!


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