Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hong Kong Day 1

it's our yearly getaway holiday to Hong Kong. This year i managed to get really good tickets from SQ and we are flying off at 7am to HK, reaching there around noon time. So we are up really early and definitely need a good cuppa coffee at Changi Airport.

and we have reached Changi Airport. There are many various means of transport of getting to your hotel. There's the airport airpress and coach and of course taxi. We took the taxi as it was hassle free albeit the most expensive choice.
checked in and quickly we refreshed ourselves and walk the streets of Hong Kong.

i was so hungry that i couldnt wait to get to Central to settle my famished stomach. So on the way to the MTR, I bought a bowl of beef innards ($50) to munch on.
selfie while waiting for the MTR.
Finally we reached Sing Heung Yen (opposite the Famlous Kau Kee Beef Brisket Noodles).
Really need my tomato noodles and an iced cool salty lemon sprite! OMG i thought the weather in HK was cooling but it's quite freaking hot!

the crowd was already there at the open air Da Pai Dang 大排档. But since it was just the 2 of us, getting seats was relatively easy.
above: mine!!! Spicy pork cubes with tomato! ($28)
hubs had the beef tomato noodles ($31)

I promised myself that my next trip to HK, I must try this stall's Che Zhai Min 车仔面. 

after my sumptous noodle lunch, we walked back to Central Exchange and hopped onto bus 590 to Horizon Plaza.

after so much walking at Horizon Plaza, i got myself a charcoal grilled Ying Yong from 7-11 with Jacky Cheung on the cover. I saw the advert on the double decker bus so I thought I should try it for myself.

i fell asleep on the bus on the way back to Mongkok. really tired....cos wake up so early this morning for the 7ish flight.

Dinner was at Jordan, Temple street where there are some hawkers by the roadside selling seafood. It's very simple dining, nothing fancy or posh. We ordered razor clams in garlic, steamed prawns in garlic and a plate of veggies plus 1 bottle of Yanjing Draft Beer. Total damage $350.

Dessert - Yee Shun Milk Pudding, our favourite is the Ginger Milk Pudding!
Back to Mongkok where we bought more snacks for supper tonight!
Grilled squid tentacles for $18, Curry fishballs $18
Fei Jie Snacks for 2 sticks of octopus

Xu Liu Shan 许留山 Mango drink. We chose the B7 - Hasmar Jelly $30.

my loot from Horizon Plaza...
some facial masks from Sasa ($89 for 2 packets) 
shower turban from MINISOU $20
IOPE to try from Colourmix $218 
Dollywink $99
Luggage tags for my second son who will be attending school next year. $5 each. 
Going to hang these onto his school bags. So cute!

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