Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hong Kong Day 3 - Day trip to Lamma Island

 Australia Diary  Breakfast Set ($32) for the both of us. Queued for about 30mins before we got seats inside. Their scrambled eggs are really good, though i thought my last visit here was much better. The portion of eggs seems a little "little" to me! 

Nonetheless it still draws so much crowd in the early mornings.

After breakfast, we made our way to Ferry Pier 4 @ Central. We are taking a ferry to Lamma Island Yung Shue Wan. (it's the bigger island of the 2) The other pier of Lamma island is the Sok Kwu Wan.

 Ferry ride was about 20mins or so. Waters were quite choppy!!
Finally we reached the island where there are no cars and the only means of transport is bicycle or walking. There is a family trail that links between the 2 piers that takes a normal average person to finish within 1 and half hours. I'm not sure how it's termed family trail because I don't think my 4 year old son can do it with us.. it can be quite "treacherous" or perhaps, the locals are really into hiking, it was ok for us but after that hike, hubs was flushed red like a lobster. Probably to the locals, it just a natural walk.

i simply can't imagine if we had to do it as a family...with 2 toddlers, even with the aid of a stroller!!!
The hike was up and down....steep and rough. Along the way, there were many look out points to take pictures of the power station,  water bay and greenery. It was a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of the cityscape in Hong Kong.

i thoroughly enjoyed it. especially my rest stop at the top with a stick of pineapple! ($15)

 bought a plastic container of Silver fish with pepper salt for my family.

 aaahhh! im going crazy with the hongkong heat!!!

 me enjoying my pineapple stick

 after the 1 hour plus hike, we treated ourselves to seafood!!!
Ate at Rainbow Seafood. Clams, razor clams, calamari and a plate of veggies.

above: hubs in the queue...right at the end in black.
this egg waffle stall recommended by Michelin.

 egg waffle... 

dinner: Mak's wanton noodles and braised pork trotters.

 Elephant ice cream in Ramune flavour and charcoal cone ($46)

supper: curry fishballs, Asahi Beer and stinky tofu!!!

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