Friday, April 8, 2016

Hong Kong Day 2

Breakfast to start the day. Mui Kee Congee. we both had the pork ball and slice pork congee. Love it. ($34) and hot milk tea ($13).  The porridge here is very smooth although it will turn watery after cool. But all porridge are like that right?

After breakfast was a trip at Flower market where I bought so many things for my 2 boys!!!
2 tees for $60, shorts for $60, swim wear 1 piece suit ($20), magnetic writing board, Thomas and Friends cooking set, Thomas & friends bubble gun, Lightning Mcqueen shoes and slippers, dinosaur print shorts, Peppa Pig Plushie ($20) for my colleague's daughter.

Here's what I got for myself! 3 tees which cost me $48 each, falsies ($10) per box, pleated culottes ($80), hairties ($10), sexylook mask $39 , Mopito $29.50. Hubs bought himself a Reef tee.
above: Friday evening crowd in the MTR tunnels 

After dropping our shopping bags back at the hotel, we went down to Citygate outlet mall.  Bought more tees from Polo Ralph Lauren.

Dinner at Kau Kee Beef Brisket Noodles.
i had the flat noodles in clear broth while hubs had the curry version. 
I think the curry one is the best!!!

Finally bought myself Honolulu cafe egg tarts to try. After eating so many years of Tai Cheong Bakery egg tarts at Central, really wanted to try something new.
 stopover at Yat Lok Roast Goose, totally unplanned for but we tabao half a roast goose back!

 2 Tees for Jules from Baleno. $99 for 2.

 Tees from Polo Ralph Lauren...and I bought a Stella McCartney tee too from Club21.
My buys at Sasa. 
1.An Animal Mask - Shark. 
Super scary look when I put it on. 
Hubs said I looked like Batman's Joker. So i deleted all my photo of me putting on the mask. 
2.Packet of make up remover wet wipes $35
3. Liquid eyeliner $75
Skin health Liquid Spray ($280) - Lady at Sasa Pharmacy recommended this to me when she saw that I have ezcema on my legs. Made in Hong Kong...tried but no use...sigh.
supper tonight: Yat Lok Roast Goose (half) with Tsing Tao beer. Burps!

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