Thursday, August 31, 2006

en classe

ce matin, nous presente nos famille!
Je vous présente ma famille. Dans ma famille il y a quatre personnes. il y a deux enfants, deux filles.
mes parents.
mon père: il est assez vieux, assez gros et beau!
ma mère: elle est petite, assez vieille et très belle!
ma soeur: elle est très petite et assez gros. Elle a un chien et s'appelle Owen. Owen très mince et il n'aime pas mange beaucoup.
moi: je suis petite, assez jeune et jolie. j'ai un chien aussi et s'appelle Frosty. Frosty très jolie et assez gros!

yet another day


reading people's blogs can be oh so therapeutic! and it makes me wanna blog even more and to tell the whole wide world(www dot com? hahah...) how boring my life can be! what a joke.

let me tell u how seriously routined and mundane this student life can be...
the morning choreographed with a 'urh..' *stretch stretch*
thots start to flicker in the mind. *shit* another day in melbourne. wasnt this the same ceiling as yester morn?
more thots.

'do i want to wake up?'
'shucks. the Boyfriend is not online today. he has gone to somewhere remote for a stupid meeting'
' i want to brush my teeth before going out today? what the heck. nobardy's gg to smell my breathe anyway...'

the legs touched the terra firma finally after like half an hour of reluctance. walk to the lit' girls room, the butt finds the bowl. pee. flush. wash hands. stare into the mirror, it stares back! brush teeth...hey thot i didnt want to brush my teeth this morning? see. what did i tell you. it's seriously routined till i forgot that i did want to do something extraordinary. guess people wouldnt faint after inhaling my breathe afterall. changed. hmm. peering out of the blinds. looks pretty sunny, alritey then, a red cardigan will do for this afternoon's walk. oh i forgot to mention that it's afternoon aredi. GOOD AFTERNOON! bonjour to you.

walk walk walk. turn; cross, reach cafeteria.
'one hot choc mocha, small, no sugar'
wait, tap tap tap....'oooooo...caffeine running thru my body '. my footsteps naturally found its way to Target. what did i tell you. sale items again. resist resist resist. walk around Target like 3times before heading to the cashier. succumbed yet once again. but hey sista! it's not a pair of shoe okay! is truly extraordinary, because the feet didnt trot back along swanston and back to earl street! it had a mind of its went to melbourne central...why the hell did it went there? puzzled. it pranced into Bardot. omigaud. *hands cover eyes*

the ME is standing at the cashier once more.
2pm: back at apt with 3 bags of shopping. *tsk tsk*

Sunday, August 27, 2006

cet après-midi

i woke up late. probably i knew that because there wasnt anyone who will be excited to see me online. why should i even bother to wake up at all. i have been having the weirdest dreams the past few nites. i think i might be gg insane. the nite before, i dreamt that my bedpost had turqoise looking fat slugs all squirming above my head as i sleep. and they had red heads. fat. really fat.

très gros, très laid.

last nite i dreamt of bt and my god. weird et bizzare. il ecrivez a list of nombres et told moi to go to his apt. i saw photos of myself since i was young till now all plastered on his wall. i stare in horror. and suddenly he came back. it was just him and me.

i woke up n i felt sick. i needed caffeine. and i got it finally.




my love for it is a deep and an enduring emotion; infused with feelings,
deep affection,

sometimes. it's the only solace i seek and comfort that i have when it is in my possession.

mine and mine only.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Friday, August 25, 2006

another samedi....

just finished grocery shopping at BigW and Saveway...was quite tempted to buy this G at $3 only...but i resisted!!!! anyway i bought 2 big family pack of cadbury just gg to fatten myself up this spring!!! haha...i just need chocolates when i stare at my studio work! drives me nutty sometimes...

haven been bloggin for a time...well, yesterday i just gotten back my french test results..and woohoo... i did okie! so i treated myself to dimsums with some friends...and then i went back to the apt to do my homework...sheesh, at my age and i'm still doing HOMEWORK!...ridiculous.

evening, was at a talk by atelier BOW WOW...okie abit of a WOW...and pretty telling diagrams. very nihhon desu ne! dinner was at A1 where i had a very very oily but very yummy braised chicken in egg chiffon rice. no pictures here....but hey, i posted the atelier bow wow at least! muahahah....

today is back to french studies again...weekends are the best, cos i dun do any studio work at all! yippee yeah yeah!!! wj wun be on msn this whole weekend cos he's on his company trip to DeQing...*bleah* without me of cos...and he is bunking in with starburst....who is afraid of ghosts...*tsk tsk at his age*

i hope he gets to go back to singapore to see his parents soon, cos i know he misses them very too...not his parents lah..mine.

Atelier Bow-Wow

My favourite picture this week

Thursday, August 24, 2006

mid semester crit 1

supervisors : shane and nicholas murray
crit panel: gregory more, simon whibley and shane murray
major project: translation of shophouse to modern living

oh! i got 76% for SAMMI CHENG!!! weee!!!!

have fun gals at and check out which celebrity looks most like you!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

WMF tee-set

Tea is now the flavour of the month, thanks to its medicinal qualities which combine nicely with the trend to healthy living. However, im not going to give up coffee totally cos a cuppa tea can never keep me awake in the early mornings!...oh i just love earl grey tea and english breakfast...and not to mention fresh peppermint tea! oh the thot of it makes me yearn for good cuppa tea...but sad to say, i only have a box of lipton. =(

anyway, not to douse everyone's happy moods...
here's recommendation from a local newspaper website!

Trust German brand WMF to serve up Teutonic precision with this 'Tee-Set'. It comes with a warmer to keep the temperature of your tea just right for drinking. The metallic filter is slightly bent at the bottom with little holes, so that you can remove tea leaves as soon as the brew is ready. This prevents your tea from becoming too strong.

Looks really cool to have it on my working desk....maybe i will invest in one when i get back...then my mummy needn't have to watch our tea from becoming too strong.
and besides looking so tectonic and sure it's smaller than a coffee maker!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

story telling time

me: once upon a time there was a monkey and a snake.

VelleyJie: they lived in a forested called "strawberry woods"

me: snake wears a bowtie across his neck for lunch

VelleyJie: monkey just loves to watch snake eat his what nots and snacks

me: exactly what kind of what nots and snacks does snake eats?

VelleyJie: snake likes to eat ... of all things: rabbit food!

me: one day, a hunny bunny came into "strawberry woods"

VelleyJie: hunny bunny came up to snake, and told him it was a representative of walmart trying to sell carrots

me: monkey went" Huh where are u from? mainland ah? i only heard of Saveway and BigW...u dun play play and act act ah!!!"

VelleyJie: hunny bunny went" well.... where u come from, u only have saveway and bigW, but i am from america!"

me: monkey was not amused and said "well go sell your carrots somewhere else! we dun eat carrots...we eat erm....CUCUMBERS!"

VelleyJie: so hunny bunny went hop a hop a hop back to america to leave monkey and snake enjoying their cucumbers

me: But But Snake was thinking of hunny bunny day and nite and he was getting sick of cucumbers

VelleyJie: so snake decided to ask monkey for advice as to what other wabbit food can he eat!
me: monkey didnt really have much brains so he said " why dun u eat strawberries since we are in the strawberry woods?"

VelleyJie: so monkey went swing swing and snake went slither slither and they went to all the corners of the forest in search of strawberries

me: and amidst all orh-ee-orh--ee--orh and sssh sssh...they met a tiger!!!

VelleyJie: tiger said " hey there little monkey and little snake, would u like to be friends with me? I will show u where to find the sweetest strawberries u can find!"

me: monkey shakes head furiously

VelleyJie: snake waves his tail profusely

me: monkey suddenly realises that snake was a rattle snake!!!

VelleyJie: snake said" u mean u din'nt know meh?"

me: monkey "glup.. eh i didnt know leh so can u poison the tiger anot ? if cannot hor im gg to swing to bananaLand"

VelleyJie: snake said " not to worry monkey, i will protect you with my incredible gravity defying and utterly outrageous ninja trained flying kick!.... but first let me grow some legs first"

me: Tiger was tapping his paws and growled:" eh u two...finished discussing aredi anot? im getting hungry...heehee"

VelleyJie: snake took off his bow tie, and with a poof it turned into a pair of legs which suddenly attached itseld onto snake's body

me: monkey went "omigaud! did u see that? can u do it again plureeze? huh? huh?pretty please??" clapping his hands

VelleyJie: snake said " off course! with a wiff of his tail, the legs turned into a bow tie.."

me: stay tune for the next episode of monkey and snake.

things me and wj does online...we are really a pair of ah-xiaos....or rather i force him to be one with me.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting .........zzzz............

look around

sometimes when i take a look around my apartment, it dawns onto me that...

'hey, u are not alone and u are loved by many.'

thanks to shilynn for the cutesy and bright apple green stripey bedsheet set. GreenGiraffes and BlueElephants..something which you dun see everyday. But i do. every morning when i wake up.

the kettle from jubes/goog...

the birthday card from elle and pengz...handmade cards from tine...birthday gifts from home...

a black "remove all evil" stone from biaojie who went all the way to little india to get me one, REPEL ALL EVILS AWAY!!! SHOO SHOO SHOO!!!

and of cos lotsa pinky stuff from wj.

hey...i'm not alone. well not mentally at least.

Monday, August 14, 2006

come and take a walk with me and i'll show u a lit' bit of melbourne.

l'heure du diner

life of a student who lives alone and hates to take walks down to the city for her grocery because she cant resist the temptations of walking into those big emporiums; quick noodles are her 'fave' dinner food because like i mentioned's

quick. easy. cheap. fuzz free.

hey u can even eat it from the pot which she chose not too cos she still prefers it from a bowl.

and yes. please have extra servings of veggies for me. thank you velley much.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


taken with my motorola RAZR v3

il fait du soleil

wonderful weather this afternoon for a cuppa coffee at brunetti. so many cakes, puffs, danishes and wide variety of beverage.

just spoilt for choice.

if only everyday was just this nice. away from studio. away from work. away and away.

just me and my latte and a good companion.that's all i need for a nice afternoon.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

what about me?


another good friend of mine is getting married. on the 23 sept. and yes im not there to attend. im missing out on so many important events in my friends' lives...sometimes i feel so left out. here alone. when i knew of her wedding news on msn i was very happy and excited...but on the other hand, i knew it was never meant for me.

i'll only be back in december! lucky i still be able to attend elle's wedding. gosh...everyone is getting married. not that im being pressured here...but sobsob...then there wun be anymore gals gathering aredi rite? cos they all have to accompany their hubbies...what about me? no more coffees...gosh so many things running thru my mind here...and then she was telling me about how her hubby actually proposed to her!

he left clue cards all over singapore (significant places to the both of them) and sent her on an 'amazing race'. and one of the pitstop was to get over to his friend's place to get an answer from the card. (meanwhile the hubby went over to her place to pack her must be wondering what's gg to happen yah!)............

stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

succumbed is my weakness.

to all my fellow singaporeans at home...

we are singapore
we the citizens of singapore
pledge ourselves as one united people
regardless of race, langauge or religion
to build a democratic socity
based on justice and equality
so as to achieve Happiness, Prosperity and Progress for our nation!

Monday, August 7, 2006

if i was a star...

i will sashay my way to LV, CD, Tiffany, Armani, Hermes and Hugo Boss
i will start my own brand of fashion
i will have my own parfum
i will buy a sportscar
i will buy a condo near a school and rent it to rich students
i will still finish RMIT but it wouldnt be becos of a piece of paper anymore rather the cause will be for fulfilment.

i will bring my beautiful gals PP, jubes and googie to all the happening parties and buy them each a pink diamond.
i will buy my dad a house so that he wun complain that my dogs have no place to run.
i will hire a maid for my mother so that she neednt handwash her silk, linen and suits.
i will hire wj to design my first house and order him here and there.

i will...

continue dreaming that im a star.

Friday, August 4, 2006


a very touching and romantic story that tells a love relationship between a doctor (sandra bullock) and a frustrated architect (keanu reeves). it's very much a waiting game through the old fashion way of snail mail and witty camera movements of linking the 2 stars through a span of 2 years. it reveils 2 lonely adults, passionate in their profession, stuck with lacklustre companions whom they know very well that they are not the ones for them and finally seek solace and comforts in their love letters to each other. both keanu and sandra have this chemistry going on between them on the set which was really good, my bet was becos they have acted together in it was kinda like 'old times' for them.

personally i was very touched when keanu planted a tree for sandra. very very touched.
and what did sandra did in return for him...something equally just as touching. i wouldnt say.

it's not fantastic but it brings warmth to the hearts and almost brought tears to my eyes. it was very personal to me as well, because of their profession...and the lives that they choose to lead, living a relationship that is there but yet no there.

plus it had its funny moments that i can assure u of. try and catch the movie if you can.

if only frosty was just half as smart as jac....

Thursday, August 3, 2006

everything is at ur fingertips

the link u want to show ur kids next time if u dun want to tell them they were brought in by pelicans thru the chimney. haha.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

everything goes in pairs!

what's better than a pair of good shoe? a matching bag!!!!
haha and kudos to charles and keith's pretty website that makes it so pleasureable to surf their stuff online!

here's the link: Charles & Keith

bet u didnt know this

AA adj. [Eng., abbrev. of a(ttract a(ttention] Blatant, conspicuous, showy, unashamed.2005 Renee Tan The Sunday Times, 27 February, 38 “Never see she show half ball meh.. so A.A.!” What it means: “Can’t you see she’s revealing a lot of cleavage.. so attract-attention!”

air-level / n. [<>The Straits Times (Section 3), 9 August, 19 air-level – a person with A levels. 1994 C.S. Chong NS: An Air-Level Story [back cover] Air Level.. Army lingo for A-level. An obvious corruption used to ridicule A-Level trainees when they failed to meet commanders’ expectations. 7 I have tried to bring them to life in their ‘Air Level’ mindset, complete with all their strengths, weaknesses and language. 64 He said he was not afraid of ‘Air-Levels’.

chop-chop kali pok adv. & int. [Pidgin-Eng. chop-chop <>Wilkinson, Winstedt) + Kali Pok, rhyming slang] A adv. Quick, quickly. B int. Hurry up!A [1834 The Canton Register 13 May, 76/2 We have also .. ‘chop-chop hurry’. 1836 The Chinese Repository 434 ‘More soon, more better; sendee chop-chop,’ I told him. 1909 Daily Chronicle, 20 July, 4/7 In pidgin English ‘chop-chop’ means ‘make haste’. 1946 John Irving Royal Navalese 52 Chop-Chop! In a hurry; Hurry up!] 2005 Colin Tan The Sunday Times (from Straits Times Interactive), 17 July. Very simple set-ups, video, behind closed doors in a private house, no one’s the wiser. Chop chop kali pok, and then it’s exported.

haha....for more