Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bali day 04

the beginning of a new dawn....
....at mount batur.

that's me waiting in anticipation.

everyone is waiting in the cold. so is ahren perched on the balcony top.

a grand vista to behold. This is how mt batur looks when we descended that morning. All austere looking and ever mysterious, keeping her little secret of exploding when the time comes.

along the way, you get to see small crops and plantations of tomatoes, chillies, onions, maize etc. All for living and the land is fertile as Mt batur is an active volcano.

This is the place where we had our buffet breakfast that morning after that 2 hour climb! After all that exercise, it feels so good that we have conquered a climb together. I think couples do best when they stick together thick or thin, especially after a climb like that! woohoo! Makes me wanna go climb another one! (although mr goh has already swore that Mt Batur was his first and last)

The air was clean, the views were expansive and it was the best time to spend with my mr goh.

Eat Babi Guling@RP25K or with sprite/coke@RP30K. OR crispy duck and nasi camphor OR order the “pisah”, which translates to a plate full of everything: soft, succulent meat, crispy skin, deep-fried intestines, more pork meat mixed with spices, and a chilli-vegetable relish.

Drink: Teh Sorso! comes in fruit and original.

shopping at Pasar Ubud

The Dirty Duck Diner. Famous for their Bebel Bengil Crispy Duck. Large spacious area with much Indonesian seating [on a raised platform].
Address: Padang Tegal, Ubud.
Phone: (62-361) 975.489

us at KaKiang Bakery. I'm really 'starved' from a good cuppa roast coffee.

Here at the Kakiang Bakery , they sell all sorts of sandwiches! French baguettes with egg, fried tofu, ham & cheese, parma ham with papaya and rucola salad or smoked salmon & cream cheese.

And of cos coffee.

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