Friday, April 3, 2009


ahren hates her doing this to him...

obviously ahren is trying to 'shake' her away

ahren gives up and sits quietly besides her.

introducing....ah-ren new fren - SHE-ORH-ORH!
and of cos she is wj's bed buddy cum bed representative.
She's black in colour, very good nature, doesnt make any noises unlike ahren.

She has very short limbs, almost the size of her ears.
2 front teeth, razor sharp.
Big white eyeballs but pin-point pupils.
Very stumpy feet. It's amazing how she can balance so well.

As she was my birthday present from my sis, and i was flying off the following day, i brought her along to HK and china to keep ahren here they are on the bed in XX hotel and some of the funny scenes which i took when i left them together.

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