Thursday, April 16, 2009


went to catch "Cats" this season with cuz and wj.
i thot i prefer the first half although many prefered the second half!

i think i was "half asleep" this second half that's why!!!!
Gosh, spending so much for a ticket and yet i didnt have enough rest for it.
All my co's fault. That whole day was spent at my co's annual retreat at Capella's and it started at 8am in the morning and lasted till 6pm in the evening! of cos i was konked out.

The most memorable part of the entire musical was the cats actually come onto the audience area to lie on their seats and one cat even ruffled wj's hair!
Another 'cat' even purred right in front of me for minutes while others around me were frantically taking photos of him!!!

here's a blurry photo of him when he was next to me....

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