Saturday, July 4, 2009

Szechuan Kitchen@Swissotel

Tucked away on the third floor of Raffles The Plaza and just next to Szechuan Court, Szechuan Kitchen very much resembles a small teahouse with its wooden furniture and paneling. It links to Szechuan Court which is heavily decored in red.

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Steam peanuts! + a pot of fragrant tea!

WJ ordered his za jiang mian. (Spicy minced meat noodles) which he claimed delicious because of its QQ noodles and savory spicy sauce. Topping it off with crunchy cool cucumber slices. Serving abit too small for a grown man. But thinking retrospective, it is a dim sum place, which means portions are small so that one can eat a variety of dim sums. Rite, maybe price can be lowered then???

I had a bowl of century egg porridge. Nothing fancy, quite a fair bit of century egg, if only they have more meat in them. The serving was in a small bowl too.

we shared har gao $6.20, a steamed basket of "Steamed vegetarian dumpling with mushrooms and vegetarian ham" $5.40 and a plate of 3 baked barbequed pork pasty $5.80

Total bill came up to $30 +++. Service was not bad. Always topping up my cups. Making sure that we are alright.
However portions are small despite its price. If price can be lowered, definitely a BIG bonus and business will improve tremendously.
Best to have the Raffles Member card in order to benefit the 1 for 1 promotions.

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