Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wedding - #6 Getting the Right teapot + Tea

Where to find a good teapot!
WJ and I managed to find this lit' shop tucked away in Bukit Timah Centre. It was really pure luck!
As u can see from the photo, it's on the 1st storey, unit 19. There's another shop above but very 'minimalist' as they only sell angbows and teapot?
This shops sells quite a wide variety of teapot sets with matching bowls and spoons. They also sell bedding, lamps, angbows etc...everything related to a traditional wedding. EVERYTHING red.

The other place I recommend is this shop along Rochor road, opposite Fu Lu Shou. It's on the ground floor, beside a food store, sells about 5 types of teapot sets. And they sell it cheap too! for $15 a set!!!! Howevery they didnt have what i wanted. I remembered the shop name had a "Tea" word in it.

sob sob. Went All the way there for nothing.

Serving tea
This is what i managed to find out from other websites.
The order of service is usually
  • parents,
  • grandparents,
  • grand-uncles and grand-aunties,
  • uncles and aunties,
  • elder brothers and sisters,
  • elder cousins

However, there are also families that prefer to serve the grandparents tea before the parents.

Within each generation, dad's relatives are served before mum's relatives.

Man on the left and Woman on the right, RIGHT?

This is so confusing when u are getting married for the first time!!!

The bride will stand to the right of the groom. The male elder being served will sit facing the bride. The female elder will sit facing the groom. The bride and groom will bow to the elders and greet them by their formal title in the family while serving them tea.

The bride is sweet and so is her tea!

Any sweet tea, symbolizing sweetness in the new union, is good for the chinese wedding tea ceremony. You can use sweetened red tea for simplicity sake, but some traditional chinese sweet teas are preferred for the good connotations in their names. This of cos is understandably clear however, even this i have to teach my mother cos she wanted to serve chinese oolong tea!!! which is so bitter compared to red date tea!!!

*faints when it comes to my ignorant mother*

  • Lotus seeds and red dates tea (莲子红枣茶)
  • Symbolizing that the couple will bear children quickly and continuously.
  • Longans and red dates tea (龙眼红枣茶)
  • The longan represents a "dragon" and the wish for having male children.
Ritey, here are some of my teapot photos. I have chosen the "chinese paper cut" motifs as i prefer my teapot set to just have a two colour tone, instead of the colourful ones. OF cos there are the cartoons ones too, the pink colour tone set as well. Lots to choose from actually.
This set cost me $38 SGD.

This is the serving dish that came with the teapot set

Here's an aerial view of the teapot set with serving dish and 4 teacups.

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