Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wedding - #10 Bridal Boutiques@Delfi


Rene L
01-04 Delfi Orchard
tel: 6238-1498

By Appointment

Sorry girls, I didn't manage to make an appointment here and because I heard from another Bridal source that the gowns here are overly-priced for one which you can find another replica for at equally good MTM bridal boutiques. Of course, I went back and gave it some thought, perhaps the rental at Delfi could be really steep to make the bridal boutiques here cost their gowns are a relatively more expensive rates.

Sheesh, I feel so bitchy saying this here. I guess, every bride will source all sorts of crap from everywhere and somewhere. So anyway, I'm sure there will be brides who are definitely happy here if not this bridal boutique wouldn't have lasted so long over here at Delfi's.

Amanda Lee
#02-09 Delfi Orchard
tel:6333 6678
Mondays to Fridays: 11am - 8pm
Saturdays: 11am - 7pm

By appointment
Designer Miah attended to me. LURVE him! so attentive!!! Extremely.
Designed a gown on the spot for me after he studied the few gowns which i tried on that day. How did he do it? As there were certain cuts which flattered me, and certain fabric somehow made me feel 'happy' like a bride. Somehow you know. Like some gals really want embroidery, i realised that i wanted LACE! With or without blings doesn't really matter to me.

Bridal Veil(BV) by Michelle Chen Huimin
Package comprehensive, this i will explain in detail. The package that BV gave me showed me all the number of required fittings. And even specifically explain what BV will be doing at each fittings like matching of skin colours, taking measurements, trying of gowns with different cuts, personal consultation with Michelle herself regarding body contours and what type of cuts will flatter the bride. Things of that sorts.
Also the package includes a suit for the groom! Finally something for the male counterparts. Somehow, most weddings seems to be centred around the bride and it's as if ONLY the bride is getting married! The groom gets so left out!
Anyway, here at BV, rest assured that he too gets a MTM suit just for himself to keep! So happy groom-to-be!

Also included in the package are complimentary hand bouquets, flowers, corsages, a tea-dress to rent.
In general, there are 2 main packages. The 'standard' one and of cos the 'Superior' one which entitles the bride to more lace, blings (swarovski crystals), embroidery ie more HUMAN labour.

ok. Right. Here's the part where every bride wants to hear right. Everyone wants to hear the bad stuff.
So here's my personal take.

Because it was my first appointment and I did make one and not just walk-in. I was 'upset' that I wasn't 'looked' after by Michelle herself or at least the senior designers. I was introduced to the package by a girl who looked like a fresh designer who didn't seem to be very experienced. I mean first impressions count. If on the first appt, i couldn't even get a designer to attend to me, how will I feel towards my other sessions?
Even though the girl assured me that every fitting Michelle will be there or at least a senior designer will attend to me. BUT, i really felt very insecure. And I'm not going to take any chances for I'm only getting married once. That being said. It's just customer service at the end of the day. The gowns I saw were perfect.

And for the record, I saw Huang Shufang's photo with Michelle in the changing room. and of cos, there were loads more with other people to show how credible her gowns were with their pinned on ThankYou cards.

Olive Suite
402 Orchard Road
Delphi Orchard
+65 6733 8832

Opening hours by appointment only.
Mondays to Fridays: 1pm - 7pm
Saturdays: 1pm - 6pm

The sweet lady who attended to me was Jessica. Didn't really sound local though.

And since you are Delfi's...might as well book an appointment with the talk-about local jewellers in town! - Fairy's Inc

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