Friday, July 17, 2009

Wedding - #8 Bridal Boutiques

The days of 'One-stop' packages from Bridal Shops may be numbered, and the trend towards going 'ala carte' is on the Rise. Also these are these are the bridal shops which will actually hold at least one consultation session with you.

Just one question: Would like to be known by just another wedding couple with your invoice numbers or remembered by your first names and your special requests?
Here's a list of bridal studios which i thought was more to those Made-To-Measure(MTM) kind of studios (of cos there was one which i made a BOO-BOO) just behind Tanjong Pagar Road. And of cos its best accessible by MRT if you and your fiance do not drive. I will write more another time on the weekend where we visited the cluster of bridal boutiques at Delfi Orchard and of cos the infamous Tanjong Pagar Road. *roll eye balls*

My walking list is as follows,starting from Dang Bridal and ending up with Flamingo Bridal at the end of the MRT stop whereby I can leave for the next venue. Actually I'm leaving for dinner because it will take the whole afternoon and most probably by latest you should start at 1pm.
Most of them opens at 12noon.

The bridal studios below, all, will require an appointment before you seek an audience with their designers. So better book them one week in advance if you are thinking of visiting them on a weekend which is saturday because they all do not, i repeat DO NOT work on Sundays.

Dang Bridal
56 Club street

They make the lovliest cheongsams or qipaos whatever you want to call them. And exquisitely made too!!! Very pretty for a evening gown. They do short cheongsams too for tea ceremony. I simply love their bold and quirky match of bright colours like fushia splashed with lime green or bright turquoise! Or piecing orange with green. They look fantastic and WHAM! sure to brighten your entire night and make u feel like you are the brightest of the lot. Which of cos would be the ultimate fantasy for any brides' wishlist to be the star that night.
As for their wedding gowns, their signature styles are feminine, dreamy with lots of organza and lace. But personally I feel, it's their cheongsams that will take your breath away if you are into oriental. Plus they are really nice people who will give you many different ideas on how to make that one gown extra special for you. Well that was how I felt when I went down for my 1st appointment.

Blush Blush
96 Club Street

I met up with Pin on my 1st appointment and boy was he funny! Even if you don't buy his style and gowns, you got to give him credit for his personality and IT'S so infectious! He will tell you personally what type of gown will fit you, let you try one a few styles, take you through his package and all his gowns are made to measure. So you are definitely the 1st person to wear his gown. A bride-to-be definitely will have some quality fun. And somehow, Pin makes u feel really assured that he knows his wedding business very well. He is also a make-up artist too! A bride will be in good hands here.

My Dream Wedding
70 Tras Street

Erm...not what I wanted. Think I had this mixed up with My Wedding Present!!! What a klutz I was.
My Dream Wedding, no doubt they have dozens of wedding gowns but it wasn't what i was after. Because i really wanted a designer plus a MTM gown. Over here, gowns were mass produce from Hongkong with lots of new designs coming in every month, a bride looking for off the rack gowns will be quite pleased here or maybe even giddy headed from all that choosing!

Ted Wu
77 Tras Street

I didn't manage to get to talk to Ted at my 1st appointment but his associate was apt enough. She brought us through some of Ted's work and package. And from there, you can really see Ted was very well-known for his fine, delicate embroidery. His workmanship is definitely every penny worth paying. There was this gown where I was shown of a squirrel representing the bride and a MUSHROOM which of cos was the groom. (i wonder why...)The couple had actually asked Ted to design an embroidery on her gown of a squirrel and mushroom. And it was so cute!!! i mean on the gown! it was so personalised. This certainly takes alot of effort as well as dedication. So if you are into embroidery on your gown. This is the place. Oh and also TED WU is by far the most expensive along this stretch of bridal boutiques. Followed by Blush blush.

Flamingo Bridal
#01-57 Wallish Street, Wallish Building
I was mesmerized by this gown which was featured in one of the wedding magazines and thus decided to especially make a trip down to see this famous shirley (the designer and owner of Flamingo Bridal). I have heard so much about her and her gowns on some forums. So naturally I was very excited to see the actual designer and gown in person. However my 1st appointment, Shirley was so happened to be out of town so Sihua attended to me. She was very patient in my needs, listened to what i wanted and of cos let me try on some of their gowns. And if I'm not wrong they are having a promotion with UOB cards with 10% discount off from their package.
On my 2nd appointment with them, i finally got to meet the designer and of cos she was more detailed and very reassuring of her capabilities. However, i was very disappointed with some "over-looked" items which i will not blog about here. I was so ready to sign a package with them but I didnt at the end of the day.

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