Sunday, February 14, 2010

AHREN turns 10!!!!

Happy Birthday ahren!!!
ahren turns 10 on Valentine's day and this year, mr goh has surprised us with a booking at Swissotel the Stamford for a night's stay. So we checked in after we went visiting that morning at about 2pm. Rested for awhile and went down to BreadTalk to get a slice of cake for ahren. Later at 430pm, we were meeting sis for a movie at Marina Square. Catching "Percy Jackson, The lightning Thief" for the new year.

the guys and gal were so excited over the little cake that they were changing positions while we were taking photos of them! Finally they got their act together and let ahren had the centre stage while the rest of them gathered around him and the cake.

hahaha...the cake was eventually shared between me and mr goh. The rest only got to watch us eat. Too bad, they are on a constant diet.

we brought ahren's closest friends for the mini gathering to surprise the little guy. And also we bought him a smashing new red shirt to usher in the New Year too!!! After the song was sung, the cake was cut and eaten, the guys and gal went for a mini chit-chat session amongst themselves while Mr Goh and I watched HBO.

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