Sunday, February 14, 2010


Some random photos to usher in the new year.

more photos of my dogs. Both are rather camera shy. So either they are looking away, or they'll move away. It's really tough taking photos of pets! We try so hard to get their attention in order for them to look in the eye of the camera.

that's me, taking to get Frosty's attention with the red ribbons. Too bad, he's ignoring me as if he knows what I was up too! Mum thinks he's really intelligent...hmmm....

my new toy for the new year - Panasonic Lumix GF1 in red!!! What an auspicious colour yah??!!! And i LURVE IT!!! Because firstly I needed a new camera for a really long time now, secondly, it can take really low lighting photos as its aperture can be opened quite wide. Thirdly, it's RED!!!

My latest flatties for the new year! Lots of visiting to do this year as the new year holidays are pretty long considering that it stretches over the weekend. And of cos, this is our virgin year of distributing red packets to the younger generation. Feels really weird. hmm, almost akin to reaching adult-hood. Sound weird huh. Yup, i feel weird too. Anyway, my new flatties are doing its job very well so far. No blisters whatsoever. YAY!

H A P P Y L U N A R N E W Y E A R E V E R Y O N E !
may everyone's new year be filled with peace, joy, happiness and prosperity as many has said that the Tiger year is filled with ups and downs. So let's be prepared for it!

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