Friday, February 19, 2010

Chingay 2010

Asia's Grandest Street & Floats Parade. Chingay 2010 Highlights.
Get bedazzled at Chingay 2010, showcasing Asia in wondrous ways beyond your wildest imagination....more from
  • Majestic flying horses promise to make an impression with strange fantasy characters in Chingay 2010 Grand Opening - The Soaring City!
  • Traditional dragon and lion dancers seize the parade grounds by storm! Cover your ears as you marvel at the crackling Chingay's FIRST pair of Fire-cracker dragons!
  • Legendary well-loved tales (Butterfly Lover, Puteri Gunung Ledang and Indralogam) weaved into rich multi-ethnic performances will spin you into a spell of intrigue
  • Wonders from around the world - thrilling displays by overseas and local groups promise to enthrall.
  • The story of Yellow River 黄河 takes centre stage for the first time in the history of Chingay.
  • Samba Singapore! Gyrate and rock to the Samba Parade in Asian (Singapore) fashion! Be thrilled by waves of colours, glittering floats and high energy moves by 2,000 performers!
  • The Grandest Finale in Chingay History will debut in Chingay 2010 with a moving presentation of the "Colours of the Lion City and Celebrations" – jointly presented by the People’s Association Youth Movement, Resorts World at Sentosa, Singapore Soka Association and multi-cultural partners.
and here are some of my photos to share with everyone!

thanks to pengz for the wonderful pair of complimentary tickets that made our friday night so colourful!

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