Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Nails for the NEW YEAR!

Got my nails done by myself and with the help of wj on new year's eve! Can save some $ here!!! Yippee YAY YAY!

W H A T- I - DI D :
Done up in my fave fushia pink dust in french manicure with lace overlay and shiny white pearls.
First i lay a coat of protective nail enamel, follow by drawing the french manicure at the tip of nail, dust it with powder, lay it to dry, cut lace to the correct length and stick it over.
Lay another coat of nail polish to protect the powder dust and lace. Let nails dry

Stick pearls one by one starting from the middle of the nail and work my way to the left and right so that it portions out equally.
Finally another coat of protective polish and I'm done! Quick way of drying is to put your fingers in a tub of ice cold water if you are running short of time. But of cos it's a really cold method!!! Don't say i didn't warn you.

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