Sunday, February 28, 2010

Packing out

This weekend is spent packing our stuff at wj's room cos his bro is going to take over the room for his wedding. GOSH! i have no idea where we are going to put our queen size bed!!!

Loads of stuff to pack once more. It seems that I'm forever packing my stuff!
Year 2005-packing to melbourne
Year 2006-packing to singapore
Year 2007-packing to china
Year 2008- packing to singapore
Year 2009-packing rooms for wedding
Year 2010-packing room for other people's wedding

and i haven't even moved to my new flat yet.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

WJ turns 33

>>Thanks to a girlfriend who was kind enough to tell me where to find a good decent sunday brunch! with lots of bubbles of cos to celebrate an occasion that happens only once a year, and that day will never come back our lifetime. SO... my gf told me that Ritz Carlton's sunday brunch has a really good spread of food, desserts etc. While Equinox at Raffles City has a really good view on the 67th floor, although ladies who are in fear of UV rays as they have really big windows here, try to not get a window seat. COS sunday brunch is at NOON time where the sun is HOT HOT HOT! And was she right, it was really a spectacular view! We tried the Sunday Brunch at Equinox, took the Sunday Brunch which comes with unlimited glasses of Moet! Which WJ and I hic-ed till our faces turned red with glee.

we started off with the cold meats. OR should i say...SEAFOOD!!! lots of it. Chilled crabs, red prawns, clams, scallops, mussels, oysters+slipper lobsters! I went 3 rounds before i finished up with a big gulp of my champagne! Some oysters were good, but one was sandy!!! But can't complain, usually the level of freshness for a buffet is slightly compensated. The slipper lobsters were not bad, fresh, succulent and a tinge of sweetness to it!

After my rounds of fresh seafood, next i went for my SASHIMI!!! Lots of salmon, clam, octopus, tuna, mackerel. There was also soba by the side. Right start at the beginning was the cold cuts with ham and caviar+crab roe on tiny little mouth-bite sized pancakes. *SLUPRS* the roe was sooo good!!!

Next up, i had a plate of salad-cum foie gras to wash down all the sashimi, 1 bowl of corn soup + 2 bowls of tangy tomato clam soup (which i totally love with my champagne!!! Weird combi i know...but it was like a fusion of tangy-hot and sweet-cold). After my veggies, i had a plate lamb shank with mint sauce, yorkshire pudding which was really fantastic in lieu of the regular potatoes, mushroom ragout which was a tad too salty and some broccoli on the side to finish the entire plate. I skipped nearly the entire carving stations which consisted of the Roasted beef, Lamb Shank, Turkey and honey ham. They also had a station for eggs which i skipped too + the entire continental spread. But i tried the 5 rows of different cheeses which was there with salt water crackers, biscuits and stuff with sticks of carrots and celery. Really sumptuous!

After my round of cheese, and 5 glasses of bubbly champagne, it's DESSERT TIME! and it was a fantastic spread once again. There was a nespresso machine too!!! muahahahha. which WJ and I both took turns to experiment. We tried all the small desserts which came in espresso cups, fruit yoghurt, some strawberry chocolate fondue, cheese cake, strawberry mousse, chocolate mousse and of cos to top it off - Cognac ice-cream!

it was a splendid afternoon. HIC!

Sunday Champagne Brunch

tomato clam soup

Saturday, February 20, 2010

7th day of the lunar New Year

Greetings to everyone from us at Lei Gardens! and a Happy birthday to everyone. According to the tradition, it's everyone's birthday on the 7th day of the lunar calendar!

we had the traditional "Lou Hei", a chicken and clam double boiled soup, broccoli with crab meat, steam fish fillet, half a suckling pig, egg noodles and desserts for everyone.

wj had the mango pudding which was really good!

mummy's trying the dumpling in ginger soup. Really spicy this one! Can clear any runny nose. It was like eating wasabi!