Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Europe Day 06- France Paris

Photos of Paris from Hub's camera....ENJOY

me! on the streets of Champs Elysee! Can't tell you how excited I was with the shopping street!! It was fantastic and the boulevard scale was so clear where the shopping starts and ends with Arc de triomphe and Eiffel Tower. And there was the Notre Dame Cathedral...and the coffee shops sprinklered by the sidewalks.Everyone was just bustling with activity, minding their own business, doing their shopping, drinking their chaud vin (hot wine) which is a very popular thing to do in winter.

While waiting for the next cruise to set off...we went looking around the vicinity. after hanging out at the souvenir shop for a while to catch the warm heater...we decided the leave the shop as we weren't going to buy anything. Furthermore, the china chinese were making such a racket that the shopkeeper has to ssh them! And sad to say, I'm a chinese...and How would a Parisian know how to differentiate between a China Nationale and A Singaporean?

Righty, so off we left the shop....and we found that they have designer chairs at the waiting lounge! So cool!

i'm a happy gal to be in Paris with my loved one!!!

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