Saturday, February 5, 2011

Europe Day 09- Holland

so long and farewell tour-mates!
our last day with our tour group and this morning, we are visiting Holland Village! ala Zaase schans,a romantic and tranquil area in the Zaanstreek.
Many tourists are brought here to view the famous Dutch windmills and picturesque traditional Dutch buildings in the vicinity of Amsterdam.

The day started pretty early with breakfast and off we hopped onto our coach for our final half day tour around Holland Village - Zaase Schans where we arrived pretty early too and so many of the shops weren't opened yet!!!! Gosh our tour guide should have let us slept half an hour later!

see the sun hasn't even begun to shine yet...

We witnessed some clog making, cheese market where a young dutch thought us the process of cheese making (and we bought some really good cheese here!!!) and souvenir stores selling the famous Delft blue ceramic items. Zaanse Schans is only a short train ride away from Amsterdam central station and is well worth your time to visit.

and hubs couldnt resist taking a photo of this gi-normous red mailbox!!!!

and soon it's time to say goodbye to our fellow tour-mates at the airport and it's off on our own!

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