Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Europe Day 06- France Paris

here's a clearer view of the West Bank that thinks!

The first picture shows the Statue of Liberty and she's very tiny!!!!
The second picture: can you see the bibliotheque behind this bridge by Dominique Perrault!!!

Michele Saee's versatility and design skills were well tested in his design for Publicis Drugstore on the Champs Elysees in Paris, steps away from the Arch of Triumph. He transformed an existing headquarters of the world famous advertising group into an international landmark with wrapping curved glass screens that reshaped the building and its connection to the site.

1. Citroen Showroom, Manuelle Gautrand...
2. ahren by the coach window and behind him is the Eiffel Tower. it is said that everyone must get at least a hundred different shots of the Eiffel Tower before he leaves Paris, if not he hasn't been to paris. How true...i can't seem to stop snapping this building from all angles!
3. Silhouette of ahren and the paris wheel is in the backdrop.

streets of romantic! we were wondering whether there was a regulation that all the lights have to be the warm colour as there wasn't any white light to be found!

and we are off to a river cruise on the romantic river seine. but the weather was blardee cold to be romantic. however in the sheltered area, the lower deck, where the view isn't as spectacular as the top, it was very warm.

as you can see here, we are enjoying the very CHILLY breeze on the top deck of the river cruise!

the beautiful eiffel tower in the evening.

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