Thursday, February 3, 2011

Europe Day 08-Paris to Holland Amsterdam

we are leaving paris for amsterdam...and once you start to see lots of windmills on the flat land, it means that you have reached AMSTERDAM! where the land is always flat and the fields are always filled with windmills.

Amsterdam is the capital and largest city of Netherlands. Today's we will go on a sightseeing tour to the Dam Square where all the locals gather, Royal Palace and the Red light district which the tour guide calls it the "fish bowl" or "aquarium".

Also on the list of to-do item is to admire Amsterdam's unusual layout of the city on a canal cruise.
We also need to dropby a diamond factory which of cos we didn't buy anything cos we are on a budget here!!!

Dinner was also covered by the tour which was asian food and the last stop was the red light district where the tour guide let us tried "space cakes"...please, it was so mild that it doesn't have any effect at all! I think i need the whole stick to make me spacey!

more windmills along the road and ahren is definitely enjoying his bus ride!

stop over for lunch.

Bicycle Flat by VMX Architects...which can house thousands of bicycles! Once you parked, you cannot find back again! hahaha.....

more modern and upscale architecture here!!! so love love it!

us on the canal cruise.

home boats like these needs a license. and they come with electricity, gas and water!

after visiting the diamond factory, we bought some stroopwafels and delft blue miffy tiles!

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