Friday, February 11, 2011


hi all!
just came back from our honeymoon in europe! It was fantastic!!!
will post pictures soon!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Europe Day 10- Holland Amsterdam by Ourselves

wj doing his thing.

some books which i bought along the way and postcards for memory of Piet's apartments.

and it was getting so late and cold that we just packed dinner from the train station on the way back to our hotel.

Europe Netherlands' Rotterdam

Schouwepurgplein theatre big study table lamp thingys by West 8

Beurstraverse runs under Coolsingel. Interior by Jerde.

Yes and we are finally at Cube houses, Piet Blom

super windy until my beanie is going to be blown away!

Jackie's Chan Movie "Who Am I?" building

ahren @ The Red Apple by KCAP architects

Railway Lifting Bridge...woo...a bridge that moves up and down like a lift!

Luxor Theatre - The curve part is an access ramp for trucks to circle around the building!

Kunsthal by OMA