Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Birthday Celebrations take #2 by Hubs!

actually i was quite disappointed because i heard Equinox tea time buffet pasta was quite nice and wanted to try but my visit this round did not have any fresh cook-on-the-spot pasta station!!!  The only cook-on-the-spot station was omelette!! But it's not breakfast or brunch!


Anyway i especially went there for the view...since they are not really well known for their tea time buffet but rather more for their semi lunch buffet.

However one word of caution, sitting by the window can get really hot in the afternoons, so probably better not get a window view.

anyway, hubs surprised me with a birthday cake, complimentary from equinox!!! and preggy mums are so emo!! almost cried on the spot but i resisted!!!

ritey...hope everyone have a good friday weekend ahead!

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